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Procedures & Policies

Please check this page frequently as it is currently under construction and updates to it are ongoing.

  • We do not accept health insurance. Payment is either via credit/debit, check, or cash. Exact costs can be seen on the About Us page, under Services Provided.
  • Check will only be allowed for follow up visits after a relationship with the physician has been established. If a check does not register and bounces, the patient will be responsible for all additional fines by the bank along with the original cost of the visit.
  • Payments must be made before the official visit with the physician begins. Payments can be made in advance to cover future office visits.


Return Policy
  • No returns will be permitted. All fees are non-negotiable and payments final, regardless of physician’s assessment and consultation results (see below).


Medical Marijuana Consultation Procedures
  • Patients are asked to visit the DE Medical Marijuana Program website and ensure they are candidates for medical marijuana treatment based on the State’s rules and regulations. The onus lies on the patient for this. In general, the patient’s condition must be one approved by DE legislature as one that meets criteria for treatment, and must have failed all possible prior treatments before seeking this last line resort.
  • Patients must bring with them primary documentation (not patient instructions or summaries), such as medical notes of their prior physicians, documenting the condition they are seeking medical marijuana for. Additional documentation should be provided addressing and specifying previous treatment therapies and the results on the condition.
  • Cost of medical marijuana consultations are $200.00. If a patient’s condition is not deemed appropriate for medical marijuana recommendation to the state, the patient will be automatically considered a primary care patient of the physician, and will be taken care of as such, if he/she so chooses. If the patient prefers to continue seeing a prior physician for such routine care, that is fine. Our physician will refer the patient to consultants and for further studies to treat the condition assessed for treatment with medical marijuana. If this fails and close follow ups are maintained, the physician will then recommend medical marijuana after having attempted traditional care without adequate results.