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Marijuana Doctors

Matthew A. Roman, MD

Leading the East Coast in Medical Marijuana Reform.

Dr. Matthew Roman, MD. Primary Care Physician and Medical Marijuana Expert

Experienced in family practice and certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Roman began his career as a “Hospitalist”, a demanding position responsible for treating adult nonsurgical medical conditions while collaborating with various hospital staff to solve social problems like post-hospital discharging and substance abuse counseling. After helping hundreds of patients and saving countless lives, he became disconcerted by business practices that had replaced common-sense healthcare. He believes that treating patients today has become so financially crippling to them that it degrades their quality of life and eventually has effects on their long-term health.

Dr. Roman has been to political rallies with NORML. He is a strong proponent of legalizing medical marijuana after thoroughly combing through the medical literature personally and weighing the value of individual studies’ results against one another. He has blogged about the potential benefits of marijuana for years, and has been a guest blogger on Raised in a bed & breakfast catering to brain injured children for The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, his interest in the human brain and psyche attracted him to successfully attaining neuroscience and chemistry degrees from Franklin & Marshall college. This served as a foundation to specialization in what is now a groundbreaking medical field.

His mission is to integrate primary care practice with medical marijuana therapy to provide patients with the best possible long-term health when cannabinoids are necessary. This approach to medicine restores focus on quality of life rather than overall mortality, which has dominated the previous few decades, resulting in minuscule advances through costly therapies and procedures and a disregard to patients’ quality of life: a commodity once valued equally when balancing a patient’s morbidities and the effects of their treatment to daily lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes, less is more.

Marc Turgeon, DO

Medical Marijuana Psychiatrist

Specializing in PTSD
psychiatrist marc turgeon, do


Doctor Marc Turgeon, DO has been assisting patients with PTSD attain their medical marijuana cards and receive the relief they deserve. We are proud to have him as a member of our team and can definitely consider Nature’s Way Medicine a leading think-tank and pioneers in clinical medical marijuana treatment.

Dr. Turgeon sees patients once a month on Saturdays. He is licensed in both PA and DE so is able to assess patients from both states!