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  • Paramount is a science-based medical approach to all patient care. This enforces a firm belief in our practice. Our purpose is simple – to improve the health of our patients. This includes both their length of life and their quality of life.
  • Ensuring our patients are compliant with current guidelines for screening of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. If necessary, referring patients quickly to specialists, blood tests and imaging studies.
  • Education of the general public about common health conditions and physicians about medical marijuana therapy in primary care practice and for specific diseases.
  • Research by collecting data from our patients. We ask our patients to volunteer their outcomes, confidentially, so that we can add to the long-overdue data needed for establishing the risks and benefits of alternative therapy.
  • Cost-effective care. Modern healthcare has put an unlimited price on longevity of life, insulating physicians from patient costs and blinding them from the consequences this has on their quality of life and overall stress and long-term health. The concept of “Value” in medicine is a distant memory… We do not play this game. We discuss
    options with the patient to reach a mutual decision. Not all want this, and we accommodate to each individual.
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME). We will always stay up to date with the most recent research and adjust our practice accordingly.
  • Blunt, honest truths and advice. No beating around the bush.