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5th Jan


Going Broke That’s right, we’re broke. Lack of advertising and approval for publishing by Google ads, Twitter ads, Facebook, Bing, etc. etc. has lead to a slow start here at Nature’s Way. We’re survivors, don’t worry, but we ...

30th Nov


Dr. Roman’s About Me The final part of a brief videoblog description of my history, experience and the clinic. Subscribe here for further updates and information! Follow us at any social media site: Check out the latest instagram page. A bit ...

28th Nov


About Me – Dr. Roman at Nature’s Way Medicine This is part two of three, where I explain my training and early career. Why I became a hospitalist and what I learned with experience. Site resubmissions The site has been resubmitting posts. ...

22nd Oct


Starting Solo Slowly So, I’m starting solo at this project of planting a seed for a primary care practice integrating specialist medical marijuana consultations. That’s why I haven’t been posting much on the blog yet. What I’m ...

16th Oct


First Video on Just trying my blog’s video-friendliness! Checking the lighting, the audio, and saying hello 🙂   Feedback Always Appreciated Cut me some slack for the first video youtube post! I think it turned out okay, actually. I’ll ...