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4th Oct


Please Share Dr. Roman’s First Video Smoking Weed This is a historical moment: an active practicing physician openly sharing his use of cannabis on a live social media stream. This is what they told you NOT to share on facebook at employee ...

Cancer Discussion with Rick Simpson
27th Sep


Dr. Roman’s Cancer Discussion with Rick Simpson Rick Simpson is a household name it seems these days. The man claimed to be the creator of Rick Simpson Oil, as it is dubbed by legendary marijuana advocate Jack Herer (“The Emperor of ...

13th Sep


Medical Marijuana Consultation Giveaway Every Tuesday Night 9:00PM EST That’s right folks! We’re giving out a free medical marijuana consultation each Tuesday. There will be a live stream either on the Dr. Roman facebook page or the ...

22nd Aug


Marijuana Physician Dilemma: Registering Publicly or Not At All A few doctors have contacted me about a concern they have: they want to recommend marijuana to a select number of patients without displaying their employers’ addresses publicly on the ...

19th Aug


Dr. James Duke Interview Doctor James A. Duke, PhD is an internationally renowned botanist specialising in using plants for resources like food, medicine and biofuel. Jim, as he likes to be called, has worked for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ...

25th Apr


Opioid Panel Last weekend, I had a great time on the opioid panel at the World Medical Cannabis Convention and Expo in Pittsburgh, PA. We discussed the effects opioids have on people and our experiences as patients, researchers and doctors. Below is a ...

18th Apr


Automobile Art -#weedcar Thank’s to, who sponsored this beautiful piece of artwork, we get to drive around in this pretty little #weedcar! Feel free to share the picture on facebook or your other social media site of choice. ...

7th Apr


Recreational vs Medical Marijuana [brid video=”130584″ player=”3893″ title=”Recreational Marijuana vs. Medical Marijuana Dr. Roman from Nature Way Medicine”] Let’s discuss my thoughts on recreational marijuana ...

13th Oct


Switch to Us for $50 Renewal! Limited Time Offer Nature’s Way Medicine is offering a much more affordable option for follow up patients. You will be able to switch from your over-priced medical marijuana clinic and renew at NWM for only $50. This ...