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Dr. Roman
11th Nov


Forms of Marijuana Lecture   Here I discuss forms of marijuana in the most basic sense so that other physicians can be better informed when discussing the subject of cannabis treatment with their patients. Please subscribe to my youtube page and ...

I’m a Doctor Now and I’m Upgrading to a New Blogging Site
Dr. Roman
16th Oct


Introduction to a new and improved blog specializing in medical marijuana and primary care.

Dr. Roman
15th May


Marijuana has been both steadily decriminalized and legalized for medical purposes in the United States since the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, where Californians voted to allow the use of marijuana with the guidance of a physician for the alleviation of ...

Dr. Roman
9th Mar


The skeptical movement in America has grown substantially in the last few years. I shouldn’t even say that it’s grown but rather that it’s exploded onto the scene. Europe, on the other hand, is having a slow start. Last fall, news broke ...