Emergency Dentist Vancouver WA

Emergency Dentist Vancouver WAYou can’t tell when you’ll need an emergency dental procedure, but you need to be prepared. When the need arises, be sure to call Lacamas Dental at (360) 896-5150 for a same-day visit. Schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist Vancouver WA for treatment of periodontal diseases, digital low-radiation x-rays, Botox, or cosmetic dental procedures.

If you are the sort of person who makes and keeps periodic appointments with your dentist, good for you. Regular cleanings and examinations will go far toward keeping your smile beautiful and your mouth healthy. Twice-a-year appointments with your dental care provider is certainly a good thing, but there may come a time when you suddenly require the services of an emergency dentist Vancouver WA. It would be great if dental mishaps occurred only during regular office hours. But, that’s just not how things usually work out. A weekend soccer match may end when someone needs a quick trip to the emergency dentist Vancouver WA. If you’re dining on paella at a fancy BC restaurant and chomp down on a surprising bite of clam shell, you’re going to wish you knew our number.

If your child has the misfortune to knock out a tooth, there are things to do before calling the emergency dentist Vancouver WA. First, make certain the child does not have a serious head injury. Any situation strong enough to knock out a tooth may indeed be dangerous. If there is bleeding associated with the lost tooth, have your child bite down very gently on a clean, wet washcloth. If the lost tooth is a deciduous or "baby tooth", it’s not a big deal. If the lost tooth is an adult tooth, find it and put it in a small container of milk. There is a chance that a dentist will be able to replant the tooth. Now is the perfect time to call and set up appointments for everyone in your household. Find Lacamas Dental at 11818 SE Mill Plain Blvd #106 in Vancouver.