Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Cost

Illinois medical marijuana card cost should not deter you from accessing life-altering non-addictive medicines. Medical marijuana is a useful and important tool in the fight against pain, anxiety, PTSD, and many conditions. 1Body1Life helps prospective patients unlock their potential.

Steps to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

There are several steps with some hidden costs to obtaining a medical card in the state of Illinois. The process is not as simple as obtaining approval and renewing your medical cannabis registry information as you move.

You must visit with a licensed physician or professional, fall within one of 55 qualifying conditions, file an application, register with the Illinois Department of Public Health, and continually renew your card. You must also schedule an examination every three years.

Skipping a step will bar you from accessing a proven method of care. You must have a card to access high THC strains of marijuana.

Cost of a Medical Marijuana Visitation

The first cost you may encounter involves visiting a professional to assess your condition. If applying because of pain, you must prove that your pain is chronic. Severe fibromyalgia is also required.

The typical cost of a doctor’s visit is $250. While most patients already have proof of their conditions, others try to suppress their symptoms until they are unbearable. The cost of the visit is less than the social and medical cost of avoiding this natural medicine.

Application Fees

You also face application and registration fees. The state charges $50 for each year in your application. There is a 25-dollar reduction in cost if you apply for the maximum three-year term.

You also need to continue to visit your doctor. You must recertify after your approval expires. Costs can stack up.

Help with Medical Marijuana Fees

There is some relief for patients in need of help. The state offers a reduced fee for applicants meeting certain criteria. Anyone on social security or applying with a DD 214, as a veteran, qualifies for a 50 percent discount.

1Body1Life works with clients from any walk of life. Our consultations aim to provide access to as many as possible. You have one body and one life to live. Many doctors and clinics can also help you determine if you have a qualifying condition at a price you can afford.

Navigating the Medical Marijuana Application Process

Don’t let the cost of acquiring a medical card keep you from accessing any care, especially non-intrusive and non-addictive medicines. You can:

  • Visit the Illinois Free Clinics website to receive a diagnosis
  • Use resources such as 1Body1Life to help navigate the process
  • Take advantage of reduced application fees if you qualify

Every option leads you to a healthier life. Medical care should not be the last resort.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Cost

Illinois medical marijuana card cost is an issue for many. However, there are many options available to every prospective patient. From reduced fees to help to navigate the application process, there is help for everyone.

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Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Cost

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