On this page we will be discussing how marijuana is distributed. First, let’s go into some recent history.

Shwag- Low quality flower containing seeds.

In the 1980’s, lots of marijuana was imported from Mexico and South America. It was lower grade and contained significant amounts of seeds in it (shwag). It was sold on the streets in small bags called nickle bags or dime bags for $5 or $10, respectively. Such bags usually contained enough marijuana to roll a large joint or blunt (marijuana rolled into a cigar leaf), about a gram or two of cannabis flower.

There were strains of cannabis then that were higher quality at that time but in the 1990’s high-quality marijuana really took off and became more popular. These higher quality strains were cultivated so that there were no seeds in them and the THC content was higher. Such flower was usually sold in eighths of an ounce(3.5 grams) and would cost approximately $40 per eighth. Today, eighths of marijuana are sold in dispensaries anywhere from $20 in the cheapest states to over $60 in more expensive states (like Pennsylvania). Over time, prices will deflate as marijuana legalization progresses. If everyone were allowed to grow marijuana for themselves, the cost of an ounce would be dramatically less.

Marijuana Doctor
High quality flower.

Larger amounts of marijuana are sold in whole ounces and wholesale sellers can sell in pounds and kilograms. Consumers usually purchase in eighths or ounces. The smallest incriments of flower are sold in individual grams.


Concentrated Marijuana Products


Concentrated marijuana products are sold in grams or half-grams to consumers. These products can be vaporized or added to flower that is smoked. It is very popular now to buy marijuana cartridges that contain oils with THC in them. These cartridges contain half a gram or a full gram of oil and contain 60% or higher THC.



Edible marijuana products are sold in increments that are capsules or food products (brownies, gummy bears, etc.). These are labeled with the milligram dosage of THC in them. They can be anywhere from a few milligrams to a few hundred milligrams of THC so patients and consumers should be very careful on what they are purchasing and how much to use.

Who Grows and Sells Marijuana?

Marijuana growers are the companies that grow cannabis. The flower is trimmed from leaves and dried (cured) and packaged. It is then sold to dispensaries that dispense the flower to patients and recreational consumers.