Terms of Service

Medical Marijuana Approval

We do not guarantee a medical marijuana approval and there are no refunds for any reason.


Appointment Cancellations

Scheduling an appointment online or over the phone and not showing for it results in a non negotiable  $50 no-show fee added to the next appointment. This fee is expected to increase in the future. Cancelling the appointment on day of visit results in $20 late cancellation fee.

Patients are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out initial paperwork. Late arrivals are subject to cancellation and a no-show fee.

Document Preparation

DELAWARE RESIDENTS – You are expected to come prepared and provide paperwork to document your qualified condition, signed by a doctor, no older than one year and (for pain) documenting ongoing symptoms despite treatment for greater than three months. This can be faxed to our office by your doctors before the visit (call early). If this is not available at the time of your visit, a follow up will be required and, like all follow ups, costs $100 dollars.