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5000 Patients Approved for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania
22nd Feb


5000 Patients Approved for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania Just before the start of this month, I wrote a piece about the number of patients approved in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana cards. At the start of February, more than three thousand (3000) ...

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
20th Feb


While patients seek to finally receive their medication, the industry is full of those who want to charge more when demand is high.

First Products Available in Pennsylvania Dispensaries
16th Feb


Some of the first products available in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana patients went on sale this week. Patients are able to purchase them from a variety of dispensaries. Around Philadelphia, Terra Vida and Keystone Shops are among the few that ...

"Gaining one freedom should never cost the loss of another."

Matthew Roman, MD

Can Medical Marijuana Patients Buy Firearms?
11th Feb


 Medical Marijuana Patients Buy Firearms Anyway This late-night PA firearms reply I posted to a comment on facebook got my mind thinking more on the topic of guns and firearms in Pennsylvania so I figured I’d write a quick blog post about my ...

5th Feb


Dispensaries in Pennsylvania are expecting to be open by mid-February with products available. Unlike Keystone Canna Remedies (another dispensary/grower with “Keystone” in the name, how original…) which opened prematurely and had no ...

3000 Approved Pennsylvania Patients
29th Jan


The medical marijuana program began registering patients who are certified by a state-qualified marijuana doctor in November, 2017. Tomorrow will be the day that 3000 Pennsylvania patients have been approved. The number of patients continues to increase ...

20th Jan


This is a classic video explaining medical marijuana concentrates for patients from one of my Live Streams. Pennsylvania patients are recommended to watch this because flower/bud is not available until at least mid-2018. Enjoy! For more information, read ...

19th Jan


C-SPAN STUDENT INTERVIEW Dr. Roman answers a few questions for this C-SPAN Student Interview for Mr. Fitts’ class at Tamamend Middle School. Recorded January 19th, 2018. Transcription below. Hi, I’m doctor Roman, a medical marijuana doctor, and ...

18th Jan


First Pennsylvania Dispensary Opens January 17th, 2018 The first Pennsylvania dispensary has opened yesterday, according to local news sources. The dispensary is located in Bethlehem, PA and is called Keystone Canna Remedies. Nature’s Way Medicine ...

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