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Medical Marijuana Card Appointments

We provide patients appointments with medical marijuana doctors for medical marijuana cards. Patients can use these cards to enter dispensaries and purchase cannabis products to treat qualified conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD and more. Other services provided include opioid addiction treatment.

Cannabis Information for Patients

Nature’s Way Medicine provides patients with educational materials to read about cannabis.


Medical Marijuana Blog

Telemedicine Appointments are Back!

Telemedicine Video Appointments Are Back The state has voted to extend coronavirus emergency measures and allow patients to be approved for their marijuana cards using telemedicine. The extension lasts until…

In-Person Marijuana Card Appointments Required (Again)

Marijuana Card Consultations Must Be In-Person Yesterday, the Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors received an email from the Department of Health’s Marijuana Program office that explained to them that marijuana card…

Cannabis News and Research 4/30/21

This week’s news and research involves some pessimistic news for federal cannabis reform and a negative study on CBD. Federal New Senate Strategy to Pass Cannabis Reform The Senate Democrats…

Cannabis News 4/23/21

We missed last week’s blog because of some technical difficulties but we are back in action now as usual! Hopefully, you had a happy 4/20 holiday this week like we…

Cannabis News and Research 4/9/21

Welcome back everyone. Today’s cannabis news and research continues to show how quickly the U.S. is legalizing marijuana. There’s also a study that shows cannabis users are more physically active!….

Cannabis News 04/02/2021

This week we have a big news story out of New York and some updates on American opinions about cannabis and the President’s stance on it.   Federal News Three…