PA Medical Marijuana Card

PA Medical Marijuana Card

Nature’s Way Medicine provides streamlined online appointments to help our clients get their PA medical marijuana card in record time. If you’ve come up against a roadblock in your efforts to get approved for medicinal marijuana, our medical marijuana doctors in Philadelphia can be of assistance. By working with our caring and compassionate medical staff, you’ll find the whole process of applying for and getting approved for your medical marijuana card online in Philadelphia one that is easy and hassle-free.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Your MMJ Med Card


– With our expedited services, it won’t take you long to get approved. Through an online medical marijuana evaluation, our doctors will determine the severity of your medical condition and assess whether cannabis will improve your quality of life. You’ll find a complete list of qualifying conditions on our website.

– With our expertise, you won’t have to deal with the red tape that is typical when trying to navigate the process on your own. To start, you’ll find complete, step-by-step instructions on our site as well as a helpline number in case you need our help along the way.

– In order to get a medical card in Philadelphia, PA, you’ll need a doctor to sign off on your condition. Primary care doctors are not always willing to make cannabis available to their patients- we have specialized knowledge and experience in assisting our patients who want to try marijuana as a medicine.

– Once your PA medical marijuana card comes in the mail, you can start shopping at PA cannabis stores immediately- typically in 5-10 days. If you decide to apply on your own, you could experience a lengthy delay due to application errors or other issues.


– There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the use of medical cannabis. You shouldn’t drive or operate heavy equipment when under the influence of marijuana; in fact, there are many activities you should avoid while using MMJ.

– In many states where medicinal marijuana is legal, MMJ card owners must give up their rights to legally possess a firearm in order to qualify for the MMJ program. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms states that medical marijuana consumers cannot own a firearm of any kind.

– There are fees that come from being approved for your PA medical marijuana card, including renewal fees that can become burdensome over time. At Nature’s Way Medicine, we do our best to keep the costs of our services at their lowest.

– If you're currently working at a government job, you may have to give up your job in order to use medical cannabis as government jobs regularly test for cannabis.

Find out more when you contact Nature’s Way Medicine- reach us by phone at 855-420-3627 or connect with us online. To schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor from our agency, click the green Sign Up button on our website under the card application instructions. You’ll find additional resources and information as you explore our website at Nature’s Way Medicine.

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PA Medical Marijuana Card

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