Medical Marijuana Doctor Philadelphia

Medical Marijuana Doctor Philadelphia

Is your primary care doctor standing in the way of your medicinal cannabis approval? A medical marijuana doctor in Philadelphia from Nature’s Way Medicine can provide an online medical marijuana evaluation to streamline the process of your approval. Our 4-step process is one that is quick & easy, so you can try something new to treat your medical condition after conventional treatments have failed. See a list of qualifying medical conditions on our website and contact us today to find out how you can get approved for your medical marijuana card online in Philadelphia.

5 Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Med MJ Doc In Philadelphia

1. If you meet with resistance at any point along your journey, look for another doctor who is more sympathetic to your treatment needs. While medicinal marijuana is proving to be a breakthrough treatment for pain and a wide range of debilitating diseases and conditions, there are still some doctors who don’t approve of alternative treatments. If your family doctor won’t sign off on your condition, reach out to Nature’s Way Medicine at 855-420-3627 or get in touch with us online for more information about our program.

2. Be honest and up-front with medicinal marijuana doctors in Philadelphia about your condition. If you try and make your condition seem worse than it is, you may jeopardize your chances of becoming approved. The best course of action is to allow your medical history to speak for itself, and provide additional information about how your condition prevents you from enjoying the quality of life that you desire.

3. Realize that there is only one legal way to get a medical card in Philadelphia, PA; you have to go through a qualified medical marijuana doctor in Philadelphia, or a qualifying clinic, pay fees to the PA Department of Health and maintain your membership on an annual basis to remain eligible. Steer clear of less-than-reputable websites and ‘service providers that tell you it’s possible to bypass the system and still get your card.

4. Once approved for your MMJ card, shop around at many different cannabis stores before you settle on one to fill your cannabis Rx. Some dispensaries take advantage of patients by raising prices well beyond what other weed stores charge for the same products. We can offer a recommendation on where to shop when you get in touch with our staff at Nature’s Way Medicine.

5. Remember to update your card 4-6 weeks before its expiration date each year or you may experience a lapse in being able to purchase medicinal cannabis. You’ll find a wealth of information when you explore our free online resources at NWM. Watch our brief video explaining how to get approved for your marijuana card or read ‘How To Get Your MMJ Card’, available in our Cannabis Education section.

When you’re ready, schedule an appointment and assessment with our staff to find out if you’re eligible to get a medical herb to treat your chronic pain or medical condition. Don’t wait- the sooner you call, the sooner you can begin experiencing the many benefits of marijuana treatment.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Philadelphia

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