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Procedures & Policies


Below are some of the policies agreed upon by patients at our clinic.

  • We do not accept health insurance. Payment is either via credit/debit or cash. Our prices can be seen on the About Us page, under Services Provided.
  • We do not accept checks
  • Payments must be made before or on the day of the appointment. Payments can be made in advance to cover future office visits using paypal.
Refund Policies
  • We do not guarantee that you will be approved for a medical marijuana card. That is only based on your prior documentation from previous physician’s progress notes.
  • No returns will be permitted. All fees are non-negotiable and payments final, regardless of physician’s assessment and consultation results (see below).
Late Cancellation and No-Shows
  • Late cancellations occurring less than 24 hours before an appointment will be charged $20 late notice fee at next appointment. 
  • Appointment no-shows result in a $50 fee for not coming to your scheduled appointment. 
Medical Marijuana Consultation Policies
  • Patients are asked to visit the DE Medical Marijuana Program website and ensure they are candidates for medical marijuana treatment based on the State’s rules and regulations. The onus lies on the patient for this. In general, the patient’s condition must be one approved by DE legislature as one that meets criteria for treatment, and must have failed all possible prior treatments before seeking this last line resort.
  • Patients must bring with them primary documentation (not patient instructions or summaries), such as medical notes of their prior physicians, documenting the condition they are seeking medical marijuana for. These are called “PROGRESS NOTES.” Ask your doctor’s offices to fax 12 months worth to our office (855-696-3299) so they are available before you arrive for the appointment. You can pick them up yourself but but usually for a fee. Additional documentation should be provided addressing and specifying previous treatment therapies and the results on the condition.
  • Failure to have the necessary documentation at the appointment will result in a necessary follow up visit at the usual price for return visits of $100. 
  • If a patient’s condition is not deemed appropriate for medical marijuana recommendation to the state, the patient will be followed up with, and will be taken care of if he/she so chooses. After a few close follow-ups, the physician may then reattempt to approve the patient for medical marijuana despite a prior rejection.
Data Collection
  • Patients at our office are undergoing an alternative under-studied drug. For this reason we request our patients consent to use their progress for documentation and publication in literature and articles either through scientific journals or online blogging in an anonymous manner so as not to reveal any identifying features like birthdates, names, addresses, or information that may lead others to assume one’s identity. We will keep your identity safe in this regard and you are doing the world a service by providing desperately needed data for the medical field on cannabis treatment.
  • Information that may be used includes but is not limited to medications prior and after establishing care at Nature’s Way Medicine, functional well-being, subjective accounts, pain scale changes over time, quality of life measurements, physical exam findings, radiographic imaging studies and data from other facilities that have been shared at the clinic.
  • Patients are welcome to decline participation in this upon request and will be excluded from this or related policies.