Instructions for Existing Pennsylvania Patients | How to Get PA MMJ Card
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Instructions for Pennsylvania Patients: How to Get Your Card

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Pennsylvania Patients

How to get a medical marijuana card for existing Pennsylvania Patients of Nature’s Way Medicine®

These instructions how to get a medical marijuana card are for Nature’s Way Medicine® Pennsylvania patients who have not yet registered on the Department of Health’s website. Once registered, they will have a username and password to login and pay the final $50 to the department of health for their medical marijuana card. This can only be done once they have seen the doctor at Nature’s Way Medicine®.

1. Register with Department of Health

Important Information before You Register

There are very specific requirements you must follow when typing your information to register on the Department of Health’s website. They are listed below. Please check that you are following all of them before you click the button to submit. If you submit your information incorrectly twice, you will be blocked for 24-48hrs. 

  • You must have a Pennsylvania state ID that is not expired. Get it out because you will need it.
  • A laptop or desktop computer is necessary (NOT ipad/cellphone)
  • Use Internet Explorer or Chrome (NOT Safari) as your internet browsing application.
  • All information (except your email, password and username) MUST be typed in ALL CAPITALS.
  • Type all information EXACTLY how it is on your drivers license, including the specific abbreviations (STREET vs ST, or PHILA vs PHILADELPHIA).
  • Date of Birth must be in MM/DD/YYYY format (NOT MM/DD/YY).
  • Do NOT put in a middle name. IF you have a middle initial on your Driver’s License, you MUST put in a middle initial. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  • Your password MUST have: an Uppercase Letter, a lower case letter, a number, a special character (!@#$%, etc.), and have at least eight letters/numbers long.

Once you are ready, you can click the link below but don’t forget to read the rest of these instructions when you are done.

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If you are stuck here, call the Help Desk phone number, which is listed on their website. If they can not help you, contact PENNDOT and notify them of your problem. They should be able to tell you why you are unable to register with the Department of Health and how to fix the problem.

2. Complete Informed Consent Form

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Once registered with the Department of Health, we will receive an email that you are ready and the doctor will login personally to verify your approved medical marijuana recommendation.

When the doctor approves you through the Department of Health website, you will receive an email notifying you of this and so you can pay for your card.

3. Pay Online

Your last $50 payment can be made using a card by logging back onto the Department of Health website.

Once paid, your card will be shipped to you. You should receive it in 7-10 days.


We recommend Pennsylvania patients make a follow up appointment at any time if you would like to see your doctor sooner. Otherwise, schedule a follow up within 1 month of your card’s expiration date to ensure your medical marijuana card does not expire.

Remember, here’s how to schedule your appointments online with our booking calendar!

Dispensary Information

Here’s instructions on how to start planing for your medical marijuana purchases. Pennsylvania patients searching for more information about the dispensaries can can take our virtual online dispensary tour to see where the closest dispensaries will be to your home. There you can find a map of Pennsylvania dispensaries.

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