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Here’s what people are saying about Nature’s Way Medicine and its medical marijuana physician, Matthew Roman, MD.





“A Caring, compassionate, honest , self sacrificing, right thinking individual, looking towards progress within his ability to fulfill his oath of duty an dedication to the human race is what I also found. I could not be more pleased to have met the Good Doctor at this point in time. Go to the office an see for yourself, Do not jus take my word for it….”
Lucifer Enlightenment; 2018

“One of the best doctor experience that I ever had since becoming sick in my childhood years.” 

“I got an appointment very easily and did not have to wait long. I found him to be very knowledgeable about the benefits of marijuana and how to manage pain with it. I am so happy that I was able to get an appointment and treatment so quickly. Thank you Dr. Roman! I highly recommend this doctor for your pain management needs.”

 “Dr. Matthew Roman is the truth!”  

“Excellent Dr…… Friendly and down to earth. I was totally impressed by him.
I have like eight doctors for many different reasons, cancer, back, knees, shoulders, eyes, feet etc.
He is by far my favorite one to visit.”

Jeff SmithDr Roman is a great doctor and great guy! He’s funny and I feel comfortable with him like I’ve known him for years. He’s a true person who CARES! It’s not about money to him. He’s a guy who wants to help! I have nothin but good things to say about Dr Roman and he is the best in delaware! Dr Roman will actually sit and listen to your problems and try to help you from his heart! By far the best doctor I’ve ever had hands down!! 

Jeff S.; 2017


“I had no idea where to start, what do I need – he had all the answers. All was done – meaning I got my Medical Card in like 3 weeks. All it took was 1 visit!


He helped guide us through the procedure and explained everything that needed to be done thoroughly. I can Not THANK HIM ENOUGH for his Sincere Effort to help my son relieve this excruciating pain as well as his concern for his well bieng. I recommend him to anyone who want’s a Dr that is going to be HONEST OPEN AND UPFRONT! THANK YOU DR ROMAN see you soon!♡

Very respectful, listen very well. Made some healthy eating habits for living better that are working very well for me!:)

Charlie Cattermole“You are going to be well served going to Dr. Roman who is a subject matter expert about how cannabis can be used to treat various conditions. It only makes sense to see a specialist just as you would go to a specialist for other treatment issues outside the scope of a general practitioner; the simple reason is that they may or do not know as much as a specialist and this is what Dr. Roman is. He will be very supportive and he will take the time to discuss your ailments and concerns.”

“My appointment with Dr. Roman met my expectations. His office, conveniently located in downtown Wilmington (close to parking decks and plenty of metered spots) is in a safe business district of the city, where there are other professional offices. His comfortable office is staffed by a friendly receptionist, and Dr. Roman was very punctual in seeing me at my appointment time. We had an honest, thorough and confidential discussion of my medical history, he answered my questions, and we discussed the Delaware administrative procedures and what to expect next based on his recommendations. He was willing to take the time to discuss treatment options with me extensively, and we used the full hour appointment that we had scheduled. He is a licensed medical doctor educated at both Franklin and Marshall College and the University of Pittsburgh, both well respected schools. I would highly recommend him.”

“I was really impressed with the time I was given on my appointments. The Doctor asked a lot of questions, which I guess is to be expected in the beginning but I loved his humor. I’m gonna miss my other doctor since I’ve known him for so long but I was happy enough with my new one that I had to leave a comment. Thanks Dr Roman!”

“Dr. Roman spent an extensive amount of time carefully getting to know me and listening to all of my symptoms. He is very professional, honest and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking compassionate, personalized treatment.”

“Dr. Roman made me feel comfortable from the beginning and he really believes in the service he provides. I definitely made the right decision in seeing him.” 

ken shibla“Very professional and knowledgable. My new favorite doctor. He understood my situation and offered some great advice that I did not know was an option. Very satisfied and highly recommend.”

Ken S.; 2016

“Dr. Roman is very knowledgeable, cares about healing. He explains fully and will answer any questions you might have in a confidential and non invasive way.”


Mike McHughDr R is without a doubt the brightest doctor I have ever had the pleasure of getting a consultation with. His incredible knowledge of the medical field is one thing that makes nature’s way so amazing. He genuinely cares and believes in helping his patients…. Dr. Roman believed me when nobody else would… and i can thank him every day for the seizures that I dont have. I highly recommend him to anybody else seeking help from medicinal Marijuana or any other natural for of medicine, he’s poured his heart and soul into building his practice from the ground up, and is incredibly down to earth…I look forward to continuing with him as my doctor for these reasons. 10/10

Mike M.; 2016

 I went to see Dr. Roman 28 October and I could not have been more impressed!! A little history about me; 3 failed back surgeries, have struggled with severe chronic pain for the better part of 25 years, and have been to a half dozen “specialists”. I went to see Dr. Roman because I wanted something different. The normal response/answer I receive from doctors is an increase in my pain medicine. Like I said, I wanted something different. Dr. Roman took the time to talk with me, go through my extensive medical records, and was interested in what I wanted for results. The entire appointment was focused around me, my pain, and how it has effected my life. He was extremely knowledgeable in multiple facets of pain relief and spent time talking with me to better understand my situation. My appointment ran over 1 hour…I never felt rushed or hurried. And while he took the time to get to know me, it also gave me time to get to know him. Here’s what I can say. If you want a caregiver who actually LISTENS to you and your concerns, and who CARES about finding something that works for you, I highly recommend Dr. Roman. Give him a chance!!! I promise you…if you visit him 1 time he will earn your repeat care. It will be the best decision you ever made for your health. Good luck!

“…made me feel like family

 Dr. Roman was very interested in my issues & went over everything thoroughly from my records. He also suggested an extra test to rule out anything problamatic. I felt as through he sincerely cared. He didn’t rush me out of the office like most doctors do. He also walked me to my car! I was very impressed and glad that I chose him for assistance.

 If you’re mission is to find a physician who will understand your medical problem(s), Dr. Roman is definitely your doctor. He takes whatever time is required to make sure he has a full understanding of his patient’s medical condition… I was beyond impressed with the time and understanding that Dr. Roman showed during this visit, He answered more questions in one appointment than I have gotten from any other doctor(s). He cares about his patients above and beyond what I ever could have imagined. You actually feel like a patient and not just a number. I would highly recommend him to others who are in need of a doctor who really cares. He also understands how draining chronic pain is, and the negative impact it can have, both mentally and emotionally. He obviously takes this into consideration and treats the whole body. It feels so good to leave an appointment and know the physician you have chosen is not only competent but really cares and understands. I’m so glad that Dr. Roman has come to our community to help those in need. I wish there were more doctors that take the time that Dr. Roman does to get to know his patients. He is by far the best! For those that are reading this, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Roman.


Dr. Roman was both engaging and helpful. I felt comfortable and confident I made the right choice coming to Natures Way… He explained the process in detail and made the experience much more relaxed than I’d been expecting. I have recommended his practice to others and I don’t do that lightly.

Marc C, 2017

Dr Roman has no idea what he’s done for me! After many years of chronic pain and running the circles from Darvocet, OxyContin Morphine, we have finally found Dr. Roman. His knowledge about marijuana made me trust him. I’m so glad I did. I feel better now than I have in years and the things that can’t be corrected through surgery are now tolerated. I thank you, Dr. Roman!!!!!

Wanda L, 2017


“Dr. Matt Roman at Natures Way Medicine is the best doctor I have ever seen.

Mark W, 2016


Dr. Roman is such a caring, charismatic and educational doctor that works with you to provide the best care that would benefit you the most. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease to speak about your medical history. The wait time is non-existent and you are in and out in no time. I would recommend Dr. Roman to anyone and everyone looking for a doctor that understands your issues and really cares about getting you the best diagnosis and treatment.

Aqeedah M.; 2016




Professional and compassionate: As a veteran I didn’t know what to expect on the day of my appointment, but what I found was far above my expectations. Dr. Roman was incredibly professional and compassionate towards me as a patient and explained treatment options in both medical and layman’s terms. They are setting the standard in the state. Thanks Doc


I was very impressed by Dr. Roman’s compassionate way of treating me, as a person, instead of as a Dollar sign where appropriate medical care is an unfortunate side effect of being a Dr. He had an obvious interest in my appropriate, effective medical care – I can tell by his thorough intake process, detailed medical history and a dialogue about treatment options. I have seen many MDs over the past 5 decades and there are only 2 doctors besides Dr. Roman that had the desire or time to develop a treatment plan that involved input from me, the patient. He took the time to answer my questions and ensured I had the information required to make informed decisions about my care – in several cases, well outside of business hours. A+


Dr. Roman cares deeply about his patients and takes the time to review your history and make helpful decisions for your future. He listens to you and makes your visit quite comfortable. Would recommend him to anyone Thanks Doc.


Very compassionate and courteous staff. They were more than happy to answer all of my questions, and to explain everything in a way I could understand. I would highly recommend anyone looking to be evaluated in the state of Delaware to check out Nature’s Way Medicine!





Before Nature’s Way Medicine…

“During my stay, the hospitalist, Dr. Matthew Roman, was particularly outstanding in his ability to explain things and his ability to analyze things.  It was an excellent experience to have him in attendance.  Dr. Roman discovered what was the matter with my husband where many other people had not and came across the fact that it was his medication that was causing a great deal of his problems, and the medication’s side effects had not been explained to him by his doctor.  When Dr. Roman saw the side effects, and saw the protease in the drugs and saw my husband’s reaction to them, he looked up the drug and what it caused.  He said all indications pointed to the drugs.  My husband came home from the hospital without any withdrawal from the drugs.  He was in severe distress for about 10 days while he withdrew from the painkiller that he was on.  He did that by himself, and it was Dr. Roman who told him to get off of drugs, but he was not given any way to deal with getting off oxycodone and vertigo and fentanyl patch.  So, he withdrew all by himself and it was a very hard 10 days.”

Anonymous; 2015


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