Telemedicine Video Appointments Are Back

The state has voted to extend coronavirus emergency measures and allow patients to be approved for their marijuana cards using telemedicine. The extension lasts until at least the end of September but may be made permanent after that.

Patients at Nature’s Way Medicine will be approved for new marijuana cards and re-certified for their marijuana card renewals over video. In-person appointments will remain for those who want to come in for their appointment at our 131 N 4th Street, Philadelphia location in beautiful Old City Philly.

New Process Starting Soon

Our appointments will be integrated into a new calendar system later this summer. The process to get a marijuana card over video will become smoother than ever.

Don’t forget that if your card doesn’t expire for more than six weeks, you do not have to have another appointment. It is recommended that patients come in for their appointments six weeks before their cards expire to ensure plenty of time for a new card to be mailed before your old one expires.

We wish everyone a happy summer and look forward to seeing you for your marijuana card consultations with our cannabis doctors.

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