What Do You Need to Bring to a Dispensary?

When visiting a dispensary, you’ll always need one thing: your Medical Marijuana Card in Philadelphia. When you arrive, every dispensary (whether it sells medicinal marijuana, recreational marijuana, or both) will want to see your ID. Remember to always carry a legitimate government-issued form of identification (such as a driver’s license or a state-issued identity card) to the dispensary or you may be denied access. You should also remember to bring your medical marijuana card if you are a medicinal marijuana patient.

Be aware that you may be required to bring cash

If you’ve never visited a Medical Dispensary in York Pa, you may be surprised to learn that many of them accept just cash. While some dispensaries take credit or debit cards, the vast majority (if not the vast majority) do not. Check ahead of time to see whether a dispensary is cash-only so you can come prepared with cash if required.

How Does a Cannabis Dispensary Work?

Expect Security First-time visitors are frequently astonished to go into a dispensary and encounter security guards, cameras, and/or secured entrances. But this is totally typical, so don’t be alarmed if you encounter security when you visit a clinic. Security measures are simply in place to safeguard both staff and consumers. So, if you encounter security at a dispensary, simply relax and enjoy your visit.

Be ready to wait

Waiting to be serviced is quite prevalent at dispensaries, particularly in medical marijuana shops. Many states limit medicinal cannabis businesses to serve just one patient at a time. So, particularly if you’re visiting a medical marijuana store, be prepared to wait.

You Are Always Welcome to Ask Questions

Staff personnel at the dispensary are there to help you, so feel free to ask them questions. There are no questions that are too large or too tiny, too basic or too complicated, so ask away!

Etiquette in a Dispensary

First-time dispensary visitors sometimes question whether there is any particular etiquette they must observe while visiting a dispensary. While we believe that each dispensary is unique, there are a few things you can always do to be respectful at a dispensary. For example, it is courteous to allow your fellow customers some space when they order in order to respect their privacy. It’s also courteous to avoid chatting on the phone when in a dispensary since it might be disturbing to other customers.


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