The therapeutic effects of medical marijuana on cancer are some of the most emotionally moving among all the experiences witnessed by our patients at Nature’s Way Medicine. Due to the limited research on this subject, we don’t understand how cannabis functions as treatment for cancer but the outcomes it results in are eye-opening, to say the least.

Cancer Miracles are Now Actual Possibilities

While anecdotal stories are considered worthless by many advocates of medical marijuana, some of them are worth sharing because on their own they are powerful enough to raise many questions and merit closer inspection. Below are examples of the witnessed cancer effects seen in patients at our clinic:

  • Stage IV metastatic colon cancer with metastasis to abdominal lymph nodes and multiple lobes of the liver. Underwent surgical resection requiring iliostomy. Today cancer is in remission and patient having bowel movements without re-connecting the small bowel.
  • Stage IV melanoma currently in remission.
  • Glioblastoma multiforme diagnosed in 2016, undergone chemo/radiation/surgery. Now in remission and working full-time employment.

These patients have oncologists and other specialists who are devising unique plans because they are not accustomed treating patients who have had these results.

Traditional vs. Alternative Cancer Treatment

We generally recommend patients use medical marijuana in combination with traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. The results above were achieved in this way and Dr. Roman has not found as much benefit in patients using cannabis alone. Nevertheless we respect everyone’s values, decisions and healthcare plans.

There are two reasons why we believe medical marijuana is helpful in combination with traditional cancer treatments. Firstly, the medical marijuana treats the symptoms caused by the chemotherapy and radiation, allowing patients to tolerate traditional treatments more easily. I expect that patients are completing their courses of chemotherapy at higher rates with fewer adverse effects causing patients to switch to second-line chemotherapeutics and cancer treatment regimens.

The second reason it’s important to use traditional treatment with cannabis is to improve the efficacy of the marijuana itself. Medical marijuana has antineoplastic (anti-tumor) properties that function more effectively when tumor cells are weakened already from the whole-body chemotherapy and localized radiation. For these reasons we believe the best results are achieved with a combination of medical cannabis and western cancer treatments.

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