Getting a Marijuana Card for Insomnia

Insomnia Treatment With Marijuana

Marijuana cards can be very helpful for patients who suffer from insomnia. Trouble sleeping is an extremely detrimental condition that requires lifestyle changes and occasionally treatment. The problem with treatment, however, is that it usually requires pharmaceutical agents like zolpidem (Ambien), which literally make you unconcious. A medical marijuana card can be a great alternative because cannabis does not cause you to go unconscious but it does help you fall asleep naturally.

How NOT to Use Cannabis for Sleep

After you get a marijuana card, using cannabis can actually worsen your sleep if you don’t use it correctly. The reason for this is that marijuana can excite your senses at first. Anyone who has used it knows that after smoking cannabis, you can actually become hyperactive. It can promote activity.

The sleepiness that is caused by using cannabis often occurs during the second half of the psychoactive effect, and especially at the end of it. If you inhale cannabis, the first hour afterwards may cause you to enjoy watching TV or socializing with others. Towards the end of the high, you will most likely be sleepy and your body and mind will want to rest.

Don’t use cannabis right before bed or you won’t be able to fall asleep. Use it about two hours if you are inhaling it before bed so that when your coming down from the high, you will be ready to go to sleep. That is the best way to use cannabis before bed.

edibles or inhaled

Edibles vs Inhaled Marijuana for Insomnia

Most people have trouble falling asleep. For them it is best to use cannabis in an inhaled form. As we have discussed in the article about different methods of use, this will only have an effect for two hours and will cause you to need rest afterwards. It will help you fall asleep.

For those who have trouble staying asleep, an edible or oral product will work better. Oral cannabis products last five to six hours after they have an effect. Unlike inhaled products, you can use them right before going to bed because by the time they become active in your body, you will be sound asleep. However, once they become active, they will keep you sleeping for the rest of the night. To read more about edible products, read this article that explains how they work and how to cook them.

How Useful is Marijuana for Insomnia?

In the early days of studying cannabis, scientists discovered an amazing phenomenon. They would put mice on a wire ring so that the mouse would have to stay balanced on the thin wire. The wire was shaped like a ring so that the mouse could keep balance on it and walk around in a circle. The wire is so thin, however, that even a small mouse could not be comfortable on top of it. It would struggle to stay on the wire and prevent itself from falling. Eventually, the mice would be so stressed out and exhausted from trying to stay balanced on the wire that they would fall off the wire.

The wonderful discovery scientists made was that when they would give mice cannabis, the mice would stay balanced on the wire but eventually they would manage to fall asleep on top of the wire while staying on top of it. Sometimes, they would fall off the wire and wake up when they hit the floor. How fast a mouse would fall asleep was directly proportional to the amount of THC it would be treated with.

This effect of cannabis is true of people too. While we may not have stress from balancing on a thin uncomfortable wire, we have our own stresses in life like our jobs and our family responsibilities, and these stressors keep us up at night. Cannabis, and specifically THC, allows us to go to sleep despite these stressful situations and that is why it can be so useful to get a marijuana card with a cannabis doctor like the one’s here at Nature’s Way Medicine.