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Primary Care Appointments Available
27th Dec


Patients without documentation can now be more easily approved for a medical marijuana card if they schedule a same-day primary care appointment with Dr. Roman.

Pennsylvania Marijuana Shortage
2nd Mar


Here are some tips to help you survive the Pennsylvania marijuana shortage that's going on right now.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
20th Feb


While patients seek to finally receive their medication, the industry is full of those who want to charge more when demand is high.

5th Feb


Dispensaries in Pennsylvania are expecting to be open by mid-February with products available. Unlike Keystone Canna Remedies (another dispensary/grower with “Keystone” in the name, how original…) which opened prematurely and had no ...

20th Jan


This is a classic video explaining medical marijuana concentrates for patients from one of my Live Streams. Pennsylvania patients are recommended to watch this because flower/bud is not available until at least mid-2018. Enjoy! For more information, read ...

28th Jul


PAX 2 Vaporizer – Video Review See the video below for Dr. Roman’s review of the PAX 2 vaporizer. [brid video=”56493″ player=”3893″ title=”PAX 2 Vaporizer Review by Dr. Roman Natures Way Medicine”]   ...

Scorch Torch Review
2nd Jun


Scorch Torch Review   Sometime ago I was sent a lighter in the mail unexpectedly. This wasn’t your average Bic or gas station clear plastic lighter.  This was the cadillac of lighters. Turns out it’s not even called a lighter. It falls into ...