How to Get a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card | VIDEO
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How to Get a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

Here are updated instructions on how to get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card. Watch the video first and make sure to read the instructions below for more information. This is a slight modification to the previous video on how to get a PA MMJ card.

How to Get Your Card

Besides watching the video above by medical marijuana doctor Matt Roman, MD, make sure you follow the Nature’s Way Medicine detailed instructions for Pennsylvania medical marijuana card online sign-up. This is a very difficult step so it’s important that you know how to fill out your personal information without getting locked-out of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program’s online registration portal.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card News

Pennsylvania has reached 3000 patients that have been approved for a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card by a state-approved medical marijuana doctor. This means that we are well on our way to a thriving cannabis industry in the Keystone state. If you want to know how to stay updated on local medical marijuana news, look no further.

Check back for more updates, including what to do once you receive your card and breaking news about which dispensaries on our Pennsylvania Dispensary Map are opening first, and which will open with actual product available (unlike the PA dispensary in Bethlehem… wack!!).

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