PA News: 3000 Patients Approved in Pennsylvania for Medical Marijuana
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3000 Patients Certified in Pennsylvania!
3000 Approved Pennsylvania Patients
29th Jan


3000 Approved Pennsylvania Patients

The medical marijuana program began registering patients who are certified by a state-qualified marijuana doctor in November, 2017. Tomorrow will be the day that 3000 Pennsylvania patients have been approved. The number of patients continues to increase exponentially and will only be boosted further by next month’s opening of dispensaries and the availability of medical marijuana products for the first time.

3000 Patients Approved in Pennsylvania

The expectation for how many patients will eventually be present in Pennsylvania has been said to be over one million. Meanwhile, the list of Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctors is limited and many of the physicians on that list are not accepting new patients. Only a few, like myself, are seeing patients for medical marijuana card consultations and the demand is already high.

Walk-ins Accepted

We’ve started taking walk-ins in Pennsylvania to allow for more patients to be seen while the demand to see a medical marijuana doctor grows. Alternatively, schedule an appointment on our online calendar to pick a time and date that you can be seen. Our pre-scheduled patients are prioritized over walk-ins!

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