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200,000 Marijuana Patients in PA

Sometime last week, Pennsylvania reached 200,000 medical marijuana card holders approved by physicians to purchase cannabis in dispensaries. The number has doubled since March of this year and continues to…

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Fifty Thousand Patients Approved for MJ Cards in Pennsylvania

50,000 Pennsylvania Patients Approved for Marijuana Cards! Pennsylvania physicians have approved over 50,000 patients in Pennsylvania since the start of the marijuana program earlier this year. This is great news…

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20,000 Patients Approved in Pennsylvania

There have been over 20,000 patients approved by doctors for medical marijuana cards as of today. It is only May 17th, 2018 and the number of approved Pennsylvania medical marijuana…

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10,000 Patients in Pennsylvania Approved for Medical Marijuana

The number of patients being approved for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania has been growing exponentially!

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5000 Patients Approved for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

5000 Patients Approved for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania Just before the start of this month, I wrote a piece about the number of patients approved in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana…

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3000 Approved Pennsylvania Patients

The medical marijuana program began registering patients who are certified by a state-qualified marijuana doctor in November, 2017. Tomorrow will be the day that 3000 Pennsylvania patients have been approved….

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Communication with Patients

Discuss Medical Marijuana with Your Patients[brid video=”73264″ player=”3893″ title=”Why you should discuss marijuana with your patients”] Dr Roman discussed the need for communicating openly with patients about marijuana treatment.