5000 Patients Approved for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

5000 Patients Approved for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Just before the start of this month, I wrote a piece about the number of patients approved in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana cards. At the start of February, more than three thousand (3000) patients had been approved for cannabis treatment by a state-registered marijuana physician. We hit another milestone worth mentioning yesterday:

There are now more than 5000 patients approved for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania!

Rapid Medical Marijuana Industry Growth

With the opening dispensaries and sales of medical marijuana product already underway, the number of patients seeking a state-qualified medical marijuana doctor has accelerated. Dispensaries have only received one grower’s medical marijuana products and are selling them at different prices from the outset. We can expect the prices to rise at first due to the high demand for medical marijuana and lack of growers/producers to create supply. Already reports of patients having to wait for shelves to be re-stocked with the next shipment!

After the initial surge in prices, more growers will be ready to distribute their wholesale to the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries. Cost for marijuana vape-pen cartridges and cannabis concentrates will steadily drop as time goes on and eventually we will probably experience the “problem” that Oregon has – marijuana oversupply!

Nature’s Way Medicine – Keeping a Toll on Patient Count

We will continue to update the world about Pennsylvania’s approved medical-marijuana patient numbers, so check back often. The next milestone will be 10,000 patients and at the rate the state’s marijuana industry is growing, we should hit that number sometime in April.

In the meantime we need everyone’s help.


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Check out the dispensary price chart on my pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary article entitled, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

The more than 5000 patients approved for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania need to know that the dispensaries are charging drastically different prices (link to article and price chart below) for the same exact products so they don’t get ripped off! Please share to keep patients notified of this, especially those who have difficulty affording American healthcare in today’s corrupt and broken HMO-controlled medical system.