Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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Choosing the right dispensary last week was like rolling dice for Pennsylvania patients.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Dispensaries in Pennsylvania simultaneously began selling products from medical marijuana extracts last week. History was made when three dispensaries around the Philadelphia area opened doors to offer sick patients their medicine. As soon as they did, patients began to call my office with updates. The story that developed was one of happiness and triumph but also concern and greed. This another story from the wild wild west that is the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. I call it “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”


Sometime before the clinics were opened, a couple walked into my clinic with brochures in hand. TerraVida Holistic Centers was kind enough to provide my patients informational brochures about how to get a medical marijuana card. They informed me of a preliminary date of opening their brand new dispensary. The patients loved their tri-folds and we are waiting for another delivery of their information packets.

Staying true to their word, the dispensary did open last week. The products that were revealed are made by Cresco-Yeltrah, the only supplier at the moment to all dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Their higher-end line can be confused for another company but is actually a ‘Yeltrah line of vape pens. These products are higher in cost and my understanding is that this must be because their supply is less or the quality higher. (If any patients can send me information about their experiences using this brand, please do so right away!) Because PA medical marijuana has just started, all three major dispensaries that opened in the South East Pennsylvania region are selling the same products by these two Growers’ brands.

Happy Patients, Friendly Customer Support Patient Healthcare

As a medical marijuana doctor, my patients are always kind enough to send me an update and opening day of the dispensaries was no different. Check out the pics below from some of my patients.

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A hysterical patient texted me their 24-day marijuana concentrate limit. I explained that it would be enough for her.

The patients that went to TerraVida got great care and high quality product. The medical marijuana purchases were not exactly as successful everywhere else. Flash back to 2 weeks ago.

The Bad

Prior to this great rush for medicine that has occurred in the last week, another dispensary chose to jump the gun and open. When patients arrived to the Grand Opening of the first Pennsylvania dispensary, they were met with empty shelves. The dispensary gave everyone blue-balls to gain media attention. Eventually, it received the cannabis medications at the same time as the others for their own openings. These products had brochures and colorful pamphlets displaying and marketing their novelty (see below).


But even more concerning were the reports that began to poor in from patients complaining about the prices being higher than the products would hopefully get them. Pictures of receipts confirmed that the prices were not the same across dispensaries. This wasn’t just a difference like fuel prices across town, this was a HUGE difference.

So I got to work and made sure to get to the bottom of these price differences. Money in my patients’ pockets is their health too and by presenting this to them, I hope to continue to improve their health and quality of life, along with Pennsylvania’s remaining medical marijuana patients.


“The stark difference in prices is evident from my price-comparison chart.”

Dr. Matthew Roman, MD  (February 20th, 2018)

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