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Some of the first products available in Pennsylvania dispensaries for medical marijuana patients in went on sale this week.

Some of the first products available for medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania went on sale this week.

Some of the first products available in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana patients went on sale this week. Patients are able to purchase them from a variety of dispensaries. Around Philadelphia, Terra Vida and Keystone Shops are among the few that patients can enter using their Pennsylvania medical marijuana cards that they acquired with the help of a doctor’s approval at Nature’s Way Medicine®.

Types of Marijuana Products Available in Pennsylvania

cresco yeltra products, dispensary, pennsylvania, products, pa, medical marijuana, menu, dispensariespennsylvania dispensary, product, medical marijuana, cannabis, availableSome of the first products available in Pennsylvania include concentrates like wax and shatter. There’s also liquid live resin. Menus can be seen in the images and you can click here to see a pdf version of what is available. These lists are from Keystone Canna Dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Flower Not Allowed

Marijuana flower, also known as bud, is not allowed in Pennsylvania. By the start of the summer we’ll know if PA will change that and approve the raw produce product for consumption and medical use.

We suspect that this will be passed and added to the law, making it possible for patients to purchase the more familiar green variety of cannabis treatment that can be rolled into a joint.  Current predictions are that it will be available by the end of the year.

Quality of Product

The product quality has been said to be outstanding in this first batch shipped from Growers to Dispensaries. Cresco-Yeltra is the grower producing these products and they also have dispensaries, or are at least planning to have them in the future. You can see a map of the dispensary locations on our first Pennsylvania Dispensaries Map and Tour by clicking the link to it at the top of this page.

Price of Medical Marijuana Products Available in Pennsylvania

The cost of medical marijuana has been surprisingly high at Pennsylvania dispensaries that opened this week. This was to be expected because the demand is high and the supply has just become available. Some of the prices and costs of these new marijuana products available in Pennsylvania dispensaries are as follows:

  • Patients can expect to pay between $80-95 for vape-cartridges (CO2 extracted, more on that in future posts).
  • Concentrates like wax (pictured below) and shatter are going for $75 and $80 per gram, respectively.
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) costs $65 for half of a gram.
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We thank our Nature’s Way Medicine patients for being kind enough to share with their medical marijuana doctor, Dr. Roman, their pictures and any information they learn so that we can continue to keep the public informed on the current status of patient care.

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