There is a shortage of marijuana in Pennsylvania right now.  Only one of the twelve approved growers has provided product to local dispensaries. Two more growing facilities are expected to make marijuana products by March but these are speculative dates. A Pennsylvania marijuana shortage may convince state officials to approve raw plant “flower” for consumption and smoking late this spring.

Tips to Survive the Pennsylvania Marijuana Shortage

Here are some tips to help you survive the Pennsylvania marijuana shortage that’s going on right now.

    1. Shop around different dispensaries. Dispensaries have similar products available at different costs so check online and give them a call to see what they’re prices are and what’s available. (Philadelphia locals: check here for prices.)
    2. Set up an appointment. Due to high demand and little product, dispensaries are closing doors while they await more medicine. Walk-in appointments are not available (like they are at Nature’s Way Medicine’s in downtown Old City Philadelphia) but calling by phone and setting up an appointment will assure that you get your treatment as soon as possible. Hint- Set up the appointment after I approve you and you pay for your card online.
    3. Ask to hold your meds– Once you are established with a particular dispensary, try to call in and see if they have a particular medication you find works best for treating your condition. If they do, ask them to hold it so no one snatches it while your driving on your way to the dispensary. This is especially useful for those living far away from their closest pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary. (check out the dispensary map of current and upcoming dispensaries)

Stricter Requirements for Patients During Pennsylvania Marijuana Shortage

Patients will be expected to bring in prior documentation of pain from healthcare provider signed notes (we call these “progress notes”). This is also true of any patients who believe they have PTSD. No matter what the tragedy or traumatic incident you may have experienced or witnessed, we are not placing ourselves in a position of making a fresh diagnosis and approving for medical marijuana. It would be disingenuous to our veterans and others who suffer from the daily effects of PTSD on their lives. Because of this, we require patients in Pennsylvania (as well as Delaware) to provide documents of pain. This will ensure that the people who receive treatment during the Pennsylvania marijuana shortage truly need it.

Thank you for understanding.

Flower Power: Pennsylvania Marijuana Shortage Puts Pressure on State Approval of Marijuana Flower

The state will have even more pressure on it to approve flower for the use of treatment. As a marijuana doctor, I can say that I approve of this. There is no evidence that marijuana causes significant damage to the lungs or cancer (see my video), and studies have even shown that it is helpful in shrinking tumor cells.

The current shortage in medical marijuana can be diverted by allowing the raw plant product, also known as “flower,” though I always called it “bud.” This is a more efficient way of distributing the active ingredient – tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) – to the population. Unlike extracts, which need to be refined and distilled, the raw plant only needs to be trimmed and cured before use. This will provide a cheaper and more cost-effective medication to the commonwealth’s patients.

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