Driving on marijuana has always been treated like driving on alcohol. There is absolutely no need to consider the two the same, just like there is no need to consider them equally harmful to our health. Alcohol is far worse. The evidence is clear that alcohol impairs driving but there is no evidence to suggest that marijuana impairs driving, at least not in those who are familiar with the effects of it.

I do not recommend using marijuana before driving in most circumstances. I do this primarily because it is against the law and physicians at shady companies like Canna Care Docs have had their licenses stripped for providing patients medical marijuana who drive high. I do not want to associate myself with such practices. However, I have to be clear that I do believe that some people would benefit from driving after consuming cannabis and current medical ethics contradict the “No Driving High” laws.

Driving on Marijuana: Many Seizure and Epilepsy Patients Drive High

Seizure patients are constantly struggling to maintain a drivers license. It is generally accepted that physicians must request a patient’s license to be suspended if they have seizures. This prevents patients from driving into a school bus because they had a seizure behind the wheel.

My success rate has been pretty good for controlling patients’ epilepsy using cannabis. I’ve helped get more than a couple patients’ drivers licenses reinstated after weaning them off of all traditional antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). These patients require high-dose THC for control of their seizures (NOT CBD) and it would be detrimental for them if they were ordered to stop using cannabis prior to driving.

While driving high is not necessary in the vast majority of cases, there are times when patients have to drive somewhere after using marijuana. Most of the time they require some form of cannabis throughout the day and if they were told to stop using cannabis in order to drive, that would be the equivalent of telling an epileptic patient to stop taking their anti-seizure medications before driving. Can you imagine the amount of deaths that would cause? It would be disastrous!


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