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Flower is the part of the plant that is smoked or cooked and contains the plant’s THC-A. The interesting thing about the term flower is that it is not an actual flower.

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Many people confuse the various names for cannabis products. In this article, we are going to hash out the nomenclature of cannabis, meaning the terms used for its products.

Recreational vs Medical Marijuana
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“Recreational” vs “Medical” Marijuana

In the past, the term “recreational marijuana” has generally been used to mean illegal use of cannabis for purposes to get high. Later, marijuana also became legal for “recreational” use in states like Colorado, which meant that patients could buy it legally but did not require a doctor’s marijuana card approval.

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New Book! The Clinicians Guide to Medical Cannabis

Although this book is meant for doctors, it can be a great source for some patients as well. It explains the principles of marijuana use and the types and forms it comes in. It also explains the ways to use it.

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100,000 Pennsylvania Marijuana Patients

Patients are coming off of their opiates, like percocet and fentanyl. Others are consolidating dozens of pills into one natural alternative treatment. We are proud of the part we have…

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Driving on Marijuana: Why Some Patients Should Drive High

The evidence is clear that alcohol impairs driving but there is no evidence to suggest that marijuana impairs driving, at least not in those who are familiar with the effects of it.