As a physician specializing in medical marijuana, I have had a lot of doctors asking me about using cannabis for their patients. Many of them say, “I know the endocannabinoid system but I don’t know what to recommend for my patients.” I have made a guide to help these doctors.

Although this book is meant for doctors, it can be a great source for some patients as well. It explains the principles of marijuana use and the types and forms it comes in. It also explains the ways to use it. This may be a great book for patients who are trying marijuana for the first time as well, so they understand the basics about it. Everything is explained from its appearance to recommended doses and types to use for specific conditions.

I especially would like this book to be available and read by healthcare practitioners in Europe and other parts of the world. It is available on Amazon for only $9.99. Medical marijuana is still much newer there and the doctors in Europe do not know about it as well as those in America. I hope they can use this book as a source for their practices.

I encourage all healthcare providers to purchase this book. It is low-cost and not very long, like other books about cannabis. I have written all the material very densely, without unnecessary filler that I have seen in other textbooks. If you would like a taste of how it is written, there are preview pages you can read on Amazon that were not picked by me. It will give an example of how I write and the value of the information I provide. Bare in mind that these pages are just the intro and the beginning of the first chapter. Still, I believe you will be able to determine that this book is the right choice to educate yourself on medical cannabis.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ON AMAZON. (A kindle electronic version is being released June 1st).