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New Patient Video Appointments Available
26th Mar


New Patient Video Appointments Available

The Department of Health in Pennsylvania has allowed new patients to be approved for medical marijuana cards from home.

We are using video chat with new patients.

New patients need to provide some kind of healthcare documents that they have a qualified condition. They should also fill out our paperwork (click here to download). Email these documents as well as a picture your drivers license so we know we are speaking with you.

Make an appointment on our website and choose a telemedicine video appointment for new patients.

Make sure to register online with the department of health. You can find instruction on how to do that HERE (click the link).

We ask that you do all of these things the day before your call.

Once you chat with one of our doctors over video, we will call you over the phone to take a credit card payment. The cost of a new patient marijuana card appointment is $199.99. After we take the payment our doctor will look you up on the marijuana program website and approve you for your card. Then, you will get an email from the state saying you were approved and you can log back in to the department of health website and pay the $50 for your card. They will send it to you by mail and you should receive it in 5-7 business days.


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