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New Book! The Clinicians Guide to Medical Cannabis
20th May


Although this book is meant for doctors, it can be a great source for some patients as well. It explains the principles of marijuana use and the types and forms it comes in. It also explains the ways to use it.

Nature’s Way Rehab
25th Oct


We are pleased to announce the start of an opiate addiction rehab that uses medical marijuana to detox patients.

It’s Healthier to Stay Away from Doctors in America (Part 1 of 2)
11th May


Reasons It’s Healthier to Stay Away from Doctors in American Healthcare Today Here are some of the rackets taking place in our healthcare system that create an environment where it’s healthier to stay away from doctors in America today. ...

Pennsylvania Flower Approved
9th Apr


Today, Pennsylvania has approved medical marijuana “flower” (a.k.a. bud), the classic form of marijuana that is used for rolling joints the way Bob Marley did. This does not mean that it is available yet, which it is not. The product will have ...

Why CBD is Dangerous For Seizures and Epilepsy
19th Mar


I recommend we all share this information with others so seizure patients across the globe will reconsider changing to a high-CBD strain that lacks the THC they depend on. 

The Truth About CBD
4th Mar


. It's not easy gathering my wits and going public about this. I'm saying this and sticking my neck out as one individual opposing a multi-million(billion?) dollar industry.¹

20th Jan


This is a classic video explaining medical marijuana concentrates for patients from one of my Live Streams. Pennsylvania patients are recommended to watch this because flower/bud is not available until at least mid-2018. Enjoy! For more information, read ...

Cancer Discussion with Rick Simpson
27th Sep


Dr. Roman’s Cancer Discussion with Rick Simpson Rick Simpson is a household name it seems these days. The man claimed to be the creator of Rick Simpson Oil, as it is dubbed by legendary marijuana advocate Jack Herer (“The Emperor of ...

Topical Medical Marijuana
19th Sep


 Topical Medical Marijuana When Nature’s Way Medicine first opened in 2015, I was skeptical of topical medical marijuana. It did not occur to me that cannabinoids could cross the skin. My appreciation of their analgesic [pain-relieving] effects ...

29th Aug


Clopidogrel and CBD Interaction Lately I’ve been considering the pharmacodynamics of our psychoactively-challenged cannabinoid, Cannabidiol, known by everyone as CBD. This started with a correspondence by chinese doctors directed at the ...