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20th Jan


This is a classic video explaining medical marijuana concentrates for patients from one of my Live Streams. Pennsylvania patients are recommended to watch this because flower/bud is not available until at least mid-2018. Enjoy! For more information, read ...

Pennsylvania’s Only Experienced Marijuana Doctors!
3rd Nov


-Follow these steps to ensure you avoid any mistakes when filling out the application process and prevent delays. **Use browser FireFOX or Internet explorer** -Visit the Patients and Caregivers Registry  and create a patient profile in the Department ...

Video only allowes vimeo and youtube!
4th Oct


Please Share Dr. Roman’s First Video Smoking Weed This is a historical moment: an active practicing physician openly sharing his use of cannabis on a live social media stream. This is what they told you NOT to share on facebook at employee ...

Cancer Discussion with Rick Simpson
27th Sep


Dr. Roman’s Cancer Discussion with Rick Simpson Rick Simpson is a household name it seems these days. The man claimed to be the creator of Rick Simpson Oil, as it is dubbed by legendary marijuana advocate Jack Herer (“The Emperor of ...

19th Aug


Dr. James Duke Interview Doctor James A. Duke, PhD is an internationally renowned botanist specialising in using plants for resources like food, medicine and biofuel. Jim, as he likes to be called, has worked for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ...

31st May


Professional Athletes of Pennsylvania: Medical Marijuana is Your Right Increasingly, professional athletes like Eugene Monroe and Draymond Green have been advocating publicly for medical marijuana use by players that would benefit from this alternative ...

25th May


Study Proves CBD Treatment for Seizures Anyone in the cannabis field considering themselves an expert should be discussing this study released yesterday. Until now, I have not had a strong stance on the efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD), THC‘s ...

17th May


Dabbing: 101 This is a brief overview of using marijuana concentrates, colloquially known as dabbing. It is a potent method of inhaled administration compared to smoking raw product. Cannabis concentrates have become increasingly popular and widespread ...

15th May


Autism-related Self-injury is Treatable with Medical Marijuana Since Pennsylvania enacted the Safe-Harbor letter, I’ve had success treating a few patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Most notable of those are the patients who cause ...