Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Today in Pennsylvania

-Follow these steps to ensure you avoid any mistakes when filling out the application process and prevent delays.

**Use browser FireFOX or Internet explorer**

-Visit the Patients and Caregivers Registry  and create a patient profile in the Department of Health’s patient and caregiver registry

  1. Make sure your identification is current and your state ID and address match (Middle initials, capitalization, space length must be EXACT)
  2. Consider someone you would like to designate as a caregiver(caregivers must complete a background check)

-Set up an appointment with Dr. Roman (Yes, Dr. Roman can approve patients even though he is not listed on the physician registry, he already has) to see if you qualify for medical marijuana​  Approved conditions in PA

  1. Have your  physician fax a copy of your progress notes to 855-696-3299 of the last year or all your health records(if not seen in last year) Most offices will charge you to pick up your records but if they fax them to the office it will save you that fee

– Pay a 50$ fee to the Department of Health for a medical marijuana ID card on Patient and Caregivers Registry 

  1. Use “browser FireFox or Internet explorer”
  2. Make sure you credit card information accurate, matching your billing and shipping addresses
  3. Department of Health will mail you your medical marijuana card after payment(shipping time unknown at this time)



Qualified patients with a doctor’s recommendation will receive a Pennsylvania medical marijuana identification card, allowing the purchase of medical marijuana from an authorized state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary. Dispensaries are also allowed to sell equipment, such as vaping devices for liquid forms, to administer medical marijuana.



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