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7th Jan


Many people confuse the various names for cannabis products. In this article, we are going to hash out the nomenclature of cannabis, meaning the terms used for its products.

“Recreational” vs “Medical” Marijuana
30th Dec


In the past, the term “recreational marijuana” has generally been used to mean illegal use of cannabis for purposes to get high. Later, marijuana also became legal for “recreational” use in states like Colorado, which meant that patients could buy ...

Pennsylvania Flower Approved
9th Apr


Today, Pennsylvania has approved medical marijuana “flower” (a.k.a. bud), the classic form of marijuana that is used for rolling joints the way Bob Marley did. This does not mean that it is available yet, which it is not. The product will have ...

Why CBD is Dangerous For Seizures and Epilepsy
19th Mar


I recommend we all share this information with others so seizure patients across the globe will reconsider changing to a high-CBD strain that lacks the THC they depend on. 

The Truth About CBD
4th Mar


. It's not easy gathering my wits and going public about this. I'm saying this and sticking my neck out as one individual opposing a multi-million(billion?) dollar industry.¹

Pennsylvania Marijuana Shortage
2nd Mar


Here are some tips to help you survive the Pennsylvania marijuana shortage that's going on right now.

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Marijuana During Pregnancy
26th Feb


Medical marijuana during pregnancy can be a life-saving drug for both the mother and baby.

20th Jan


This is a classic video explaining medical marijuana concentrates for patients from one of my Live Streams. Pennsylvania patients are recommended to watch this because flower/bud is not available until at least mid-2018. Enjoy! For more information, read ...

3rd Nov


-Follow these steps to ensure you avoid any mistakes when filling out the application process and prevent delays. **Use browser FireFOX or Internet explorer** -Visit the Patients and Caregivers Registry  and create a patient profile in the Department ...