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Matthew Roman, MD

Can Medical Marijuana Patients Buy Firearms?
11th Feb


 Medical Marijuana Patients Buy Firearms Anyway This late-night PA firearms reply I posted to a comment on facebook got my mind thinking more on the topic of guns and firearms in Pennsylvania so I figured I’d write a quick blog post about my ...

19th Aug


Dr. James Duke Interview Doctor James A. Duke, PhD is an internationally renowned botanist specialising in using plants for resources like food, medicine and biofuel. Jim, as he likes to be called, has worked for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ...

27th Jul


PA Medical Marijuana Physician Registration Opens Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) opened its medical marijuana physician registration for doctors like myself to sign up for certifying patients for medical marijuana.  The link to ...

24th Jul


Physician Training Course is Next Step for PA Medical Marijuana Program There is a 4-hour physician training course required in Pennsylvania for all doctors to be approved to certify patients for medical marijuana cards. This is the next step for the ...

8th Nov


PA Marijuana Bill Errors [brid video=”73434″ player=”3893″ title=”Doctor Roman Critiques PA Marijuana Bill”]   Doctor Roman’s thoughts on the medical marijuana bill in Pennsylvania. Overall good but needs ...

1st Jun


I’ve submitted to the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program a petition for autoimmune disease to be added to the list of qualified conditions. I put it in the mailbox tonight so we’ll wait and see what happens. Keep posted on the state’s ...

25th Feb


Third-Party Whispers Caught on Recording Today I’m addressing suspicions that Nature’s Way Medicine was victim of surveillance after possibly hearing a third-party during a recorded phone conversation. The discussion was with an MRI center ...