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Pennsylvania marijuana physician training course
24th Jul


Physician Training Course is Next Step for PA Medical Marijuana Program

There is a 4-hour physician training course required in Pennsylvania for all doctors to be approved to certify patients for medical marijuana cards. This is the next step for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. Instructions on taking this course have yet to be released but they should be out by the end of this month.

Who Is Conducting the Course?

The medical marijuana program opened applications for those who want to provide the course to physicians. Instructions for applying were posted on the physician section of their website. This means that there may be more than one course approved. It will be interesting to see who will be providing the course to the physicians of Pennsylvania.

pa physician training course

Seats are waiting to be filled for the soon-to-be-announced Pennsylvania physician training course of the medical marijuana program.

What will the training course contain?

The applications have created specific topics that should be addressed in the training course. Those topics include the endocannabinoid system, using marijuana for pain management, palliative care, in conjunction with opioids, use of the PA Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and best practices for recommending marijuana to patients, among other things.

Some question whether four hours is a long enough duration of time to educate doctors about medical marijuana and prepare them for certifying their patients for Pennsylvania medical marijuana cards. Personally, I believe that if a physician is going this route for their patients, they either already know a lot about medical marijuana or they will at least have the motivation to self-educate themselves to treat patients with cannabis.

When will the course be announced?

This is a question I do not know the answer to, unfortunately. However, if it is soon, you can bet on me signing up right away. So if you hear about the course before I do,  let me know so I can reserve my seat. Help me help you, guys!

Talk to you soon!



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