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Pennsylvania Marijuana Shortage
2nd Mar


Here are some tips to help you survive the Pennsylvania marijuana shortage that's going on right now.

13th Sep


Medical Marijuana Consultation Giveaway Every Tuesday Night 9:00PM EST That’s right folks! We’re giving out a free medical marijuana consultation each Tuesday. There will be a live stream either on the Dr. Roman facebook page or the ...

22nd Aug


Marijuana Physician Dilemma: Registering Publicly or Not At All A few doctors have contacted me about a concern they have: they want to recommend marijuana to a select number of patients without displaying their employers’ addresses publicly on the ...

27th Jul


PA Medical Marijuana Physician Registration Opens Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) opened its medical marijuana physician registration for doctors like myself to sign up for certifying patients for medical marijuana.  The link to ...

13th Oct


Switch to Us for $50 Renewal! Limited Time Offer Nature’s Way Medicine is offering a much more affordable option for follow up patients. You will be able to switch from your over-priced medical marijuana clinic and renew at NWM for only $50. This ...

25th Aug


Reserve an Appointment Requests for PTSD assessments by Dr. Turgeon have been in quick so reserve your time slot for September 17th, when he will be returning back to continue his valiant work in Delaware from his usual place of care in Harrisburg, ...

25th Jul


Welcoming Doctor Marc Turgeon, DO We are happy to announce that psychiatrist doctor Marc Turgeon, DO is joining Nature’s Way Medicine for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patient consultations! He will be available once per month for PTSD ...

3rd Feb


Unfocused Update [brid video=”26967″ player=”3893″ title=”Blurry Update”]   Sorry guys. Video was focused on the wall not me. Didn’t realize till after I finished it!  

1st Oct


    Please accept my apologies for not blogging sooner. I am focusing on the details of starting the practice and I hope to introduce myself and discuss my goals and values for the office as soon as the practice runs smoothly and more important ...