Marijuana Physician Dilemma: Registering Publicly or Not At All

Marijuana Physician Dilemma, medical marijuana physician

A few doctors have contacted me about a concern they have: they want to recommend marijuana to a select number of patients without displaying their employers’ addresses publicly on the Pennsylvania cannabis doctor list. They want to keep their employers out of it (or vice versa). They are not alone in this marijuana physician dilemma.

Medical Marijuana Physician Opportunities

Physicians interested in registering under the address of Nature’s Way Medicine are encouraged to contact us and discuss this opportunity. Future medical marijuana physicians can request privileges to schedule appointments with their own patients at our convenient location in Old City Philadelphia (see map below). I would be happy to provide informal discussion and ensure a comfortable transition into the field of medical cannabis.

Contact Dr. Roman to Discuss Your Case

Physicians can send me, Dr. Roman, an email to if interested in seeing patients at Nature’s Way Medicine. I am happy to discuss ways we can provide a solution to your individual needs. Our intentions will be to provide the best care possible to your patients under your management.




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