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2nd Feb


Nature’s Way Medicine of Lewes, DE Yesterday, the Cape Gazette announced the location of Delaware’s second medical marijuana dispensary! Today, we are happy to announce that we, too, have secured a location in Lewes, DE! It will open in late ...

25th Jul


Welcoming Doctor Marc Turgeon, DO We are happy to announce that psychiatrist doctor Marc Turgeon, DO is joining Nature’s Way Medicine for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patient consultations! He will be available once per month for PTSD ...

6th Mar


NWM Letter of Introduction I sent as many letters to PCPs as I could over the holidays to introduce Nature’s Way Medicine and myself to the Delaware physician community. I’ve taken out specifics to allow for patients to show doctors this ...

3rd Feb


Unfocused Update   Sorry guys. Video was focused on the wall not me. Didn’t realize till after I finished it!  

5th Jan


Going Broke That’s right, we’re broke. Lack of advertising and approval for publishing by Google ads, Twitter ads, Facebook, Bing, etc. etc. has lead to a slow start here at Nature’s Way. We’re survivors, don’t worry, but we ...

28th Nov


About Me – Dr. Roman at Nature’s Way Medicine This is part two of three, where I explain my training and early career. Why I became a hospitalist and what I learned with experience. Site resubmissions The site has been resubmitting posts. ...

22nd Oct


Starting Solo Slowly So, I’m starting solo at this project of planting a seed for a primary care practice integrating specialist medical marijuana consultations. That’s why I haven’t been posting much on the blog yet. What I’m ...

16th Oct


First Video on Just trying my blog’s video-friendliness! Checking the lighting, the audio, and saying hello 🙂   Feedback Always Appreciated Cut me some slack for the first video youtube post! I think it turned out okay, actually. I’ll ...