NWM Letter of Introduction

I sent as many letters to PCPs as I could over the holidays to introduce Nature’s Way Medicine and myself to the Delaware physician community. I’ve taken out specifics to allow for patients to show doctors this letter to their personal healthcare providers while the year is still young. Together we can change the current opinions of Delaware doctors by pointing them in the right direction to better understand this radically new form of medicine and its use as part of usual standards of practice in primary care! Download the pdf file here.

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Hopefully this leads to additional doctors changing their mind about the care we provide and become more comfortable assuming responsibility of patient approvals for medical marijuana cards to treat their illnesses.

Comment and Share Your Experience

Let us know how they take it. Provide feedback if you think this is useful. We value everyone’s opinion and seek constructive criticism to perpetually improve and respond to feedback in real-time in a rapidly evolving legal and political atmosphere to tame.

Upcoming Events

Two Meetings hosted by the Delaware Patient Network: March 13th & 19th.



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