Starting Solo, So Slow & So-So But Little Strokes Fell Great Oakes & As We Sow, So We Grow

Starting Solo Slowly

So, I’m starting solo at this project of planting a seed for a primary care practice integrating specialist medical marijuana consultations. That’s why I haven’t been posting much on the blog yet.

What I’m Doing

Just to give you an idea of why my content marketing hasn’t picked up, here’s a list of other priorities of mine:

Audio Video Room


  • learning HTML & CSS to improve this poorly created over-priced website
  • creating a studio to record voice-prompts for our office number to prepare patients for visits
  • developing templates for patient notes and creating assessing HIPAA for personal digital signatures
  • transitioning from paper notes, to electronic Records for dictating
  • meeting with and contacting people in corporate/legal/state/non-profit/local citizens
  • somehow linking together facebook/twitter/linked-in/Google+/youtube & multiple other websites
  • setting up the practice’s infrastructure and acquiring more office space
  • starting a prospective study of medical marijuana treatment
  • FILING! The office equivalent of Russian Matryoshka dolls: One file divides to two folders, to two sections, to tabs between, to pockets within, and so on forever!
  • incorporation
  • transitioning from national advertising to local (seems backwards but those were my priorities)
  • arranging transportation for patients without means to travel far distances
  • this one’s so hard to admit.        divorce & custody proceedings :*(     <–<3-<<
  • recruiting a psychiatrist (no, not for myself) to help patients with PTSD in the clinic
  • providing an educational curriculum for a local intern taking business classes
  • AND OF COURSE: Making sure that my PATIENTS get the best possible care before any of the above.

How It’s Going

Embrace this example of dedication.Business is slow. I’m deep in the red financially. But the patients are getting verified. I’ve been fortunate for my patient population, which all have needed relief tremendously – each one having so captivating of a story behind the clothes and body – a survivor motivated to rise from old falls. Every patient has been a hero in this book that I’m writing called my life.

I’ve been very thankful for the lack of common-folk drug-seekers attracted to the idea of acquiring medical marijuana for recreational use. Maybe it’s helped that I’m very honest and blunt about my purpose to treat only the sickest; to make this a last resort for those without other options. There are so many out there yet to be reached, and even if I fail as a business, I will have no regrets for the life I’ve embarked upon – basically blackballing myself from traditional medical employment – because I took that risk knowing it would be worth it for the many others regaining a QUALITY of life that so many of us physicians have forgotten the importance of. It’s already been worth it. Even if it ends today.

What’s to Come

More patients I hope!

It’s week three since opening and we’ve already hit a milestone worth celebrating:  Our first patient who has received his medical marijuana card. Now, don’t get too excited everyone. She/He was somewhat of an early bird with a head-start compared to the rest. Nevertheless! The verifications are coming in quicker than expected, and I hope to keep it that way. †Please remember to do your homework, future new friends to our practice. Make sure you meet requirements, make sure you bring with you the recent notes from your physician (the primary notes they sign, not the patient summaries you get after each visit), and start getting your DE application form filled out. The printer is getting a little over-worked here at the office and I’ve got enough on my hands to file its chart and include it with my patients (not to mention the worker’s comp!).


Keep It Up Guys!

Your reviews keep me going. And if there’s any constructive feedback you feel worth providing in the review, I appreciate that too. Sometimes something may go unnoticed and we’re all a team here trying to win at the game of helping our sick loved ones and neighbors. Teammates motivate each other to improve so the unit as a whole gains strength. Let’s get this snowball rolling. We got a long way to rolllllll….. (but seriously, all 5 stars everyone.)




I hope to share a bit more about myself in the coming posts, before I get into the real solid subjects and foundation of this blog. Also more videos. Especially when Dr. Roman has more time to care for Dr. Roman.

So ’till next time,

Bravo everyone!


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