Start Date: Tomorrow, Thursday October 1st



Please accept my apologies for not blogging sooner. I am focusing on the details of starting the practice and I hope to introduce myself and discuss my goals and values for the office as soon as the practice runs smoothly and more important needs are taken care of.

Please come in for a walk in and spread the news to others!

Set up appointments via my office line, (probably the most thorough and easily accepted route for those requiring medical marijuana recommendations, and also Leafly, the app and mobile site!


There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony around 9am if anyone would like to join the fun on our start date . After that, back to to patient care. The initial appointments have been made but there will always be room from me for walk-ins, even if I have to stay late after work. Your long-term care trumps my home-chores and I won’t rest until everyone is satisfied!


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