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The Truth About CBD
4th Mar


. It's not easy gathering my wits and going public about this. I'm saying this and sticking my neck out as one individual opposing a multi-million(billion?) dollar industry.¹

Topical Medical Marijuana
19th Sep


 Topical Medical Marijuana When Nature’s Way Medicine first opened in 2015, I was skeptical of topical medical marijuana. It did not occur to me that cannabinoids could cross the skin. My appreciation of their analgesic [pain-relieving] effects ...

29th Aug


Clopidogrel and CBD Interaction Lately I’ve been considering the pharmacodynamics of our psychoactively-challenged cannabinoid, Cannabidiol, known by everyone as CBD. This started with a correspondence by chinese doctors directed at the ...

25th May


Study Proves CBD Treatment for Seizures Anyone in the cannabis field considering themselves an expert should be discussing this study released yesterday. Until now, I have not had a strong stance on the efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD), THC‘s ...

25th Apr


Propranolol as a Treatment for Medical Marijuana-induced Palpitations Introduction Propranolol is a beta-blocker with anxiolytic effects classically used before a public speech to squelch stage-fright. Its negative inotropic effect results in a ...

25th Apr


Opioid Panel Last weekend, I had a great time on the opioid panel at the World Medical Cannabis Convention and Expo in Pittsburgh, PA. We discussed the effects opioids have on people and our experiences as patients, researchers and doctors. Below is a ...

I’m a Doctor Now and I’m Upgrading to a New Blogging Site
16th Oct


Introduction to a new and improved blog specializing in medical marijuana and primary care.

26th Apr


As you can see from my previous post, I rely on evidence for all of my beliefs. Currently I’m doing a clinical round in a psychiatry department and one of the most commonly prescribed drugs are antidepressants. A recent study in the New England ...