Pennsylvania patients will be able to detox from opiates using medical cannabis.[/caption]

The East-Coast’s First Rehab Using Marijuana To Treat Addiction

We are starting the first rehab center on the East-Coast that uses THC to treat addiction and drug dependency. We hope to have this started by early 2020 and have a location in North Philadelphia to begin treatment. This is something that we are very excited to share with the community at a time when drug overdoses are at an all-time high.

Opiate Addiction Treatment with THC

THC is the active compound in marijuana and has been approved in Pennsylvania for treatment of substance dependency to opiates like heroin, pain-killers and fentanyl. We hope that patients who need help detoxing from these highly addicting and harmful drugs will come to our rehab center for a six-week stay, where they will be treated using medical marijuana in high doses. Patients will be assessed before admission for their qualifications and will be helped to receive a state-approved medical marijuana card. They will then designate our staff members as official caregivers so we can purchase their treatment at local dispensaries and bring it back to the rehab center to them. Then, we will be administering very high doses of THC that are tapered down throughout the treatment until they can be maintained on mild-to-moderate doses equivalent to vape-pens.

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