Physician? Welcome aboard!

If you are reading this you may be one of the many physicians that received a letter from Nature’s Way Medicine introducing the clinic and its services. This is Dr. Roman, the same man who signed your letter personally. I’m here to say welcome to the blog now and thank you for the referrals and even more thanks for verifying your own patients for medical marijuana cards. Great job!


Together as One

As physicians we are a team and we must help each other during difficult times.

As I wrote in the Physician Introduction Letter, I am serving as an example for other physicians and their employers to show them that medical marijuana can be integrated with primary care seamlessly. It requires additional monitoring of their medications, counseling on use, and being careful of drug seeking behavior. Verifying their legibility is also required and notes are necessary to support the diagnosis that is qualified for Medical Marijuana in Delaware. If patients are referred to me from your clinic, please fax over progress notes to show this that are within the last year and show a duration of illness > 3 months or longer. Our fax is (855) NWM-FAXX. E-z right??

If we stick together, with science as our backup, no political forces will stand a chance against the whole body that is American physicians. Remember, we set the standards based on science. This has been turned around on us over the years and we have begun to feel like puppets of a large scheme of healthcare conglomerates, but here at Nature’s Way Medicine we strive to put an end to that. Autonomy of the physician is regained. Insurance is not accepted. And with the help of the Delaware medical marijuana Program, we can legally make recommendations for medical marijuana to get people off of their narcotics, to treat their pain, to treat their PTSD, and to treat the debilitating illnesses known to be helped my medical marijuana.

Join me. Accept patients for medical marijuana if they meet qualifications. If unable, refer to me. I’ll do your dirty work. And by dirty work, I mean therapeutic intervention with essentially no long-term side-effects. I’ll also help patients who self-medicate become legal and no longer considered criminals. So long as they qualify. The law is the law and we are not breaking any laws. Remember that. At least not in this commonwealth, and likely in the near future not in any commonwealth.


No Letter?

I sent letters based on an online list that’s publicly available. Many returned without a deliverable address or the contact no longer there. So if you know any doctors that didn’t get the letter, send them my way and I will be happy to write one to them or to discuss the goals of treatment and our mission with them personally. Spread the word to doctors because this is our way to join in unity and demonstrate just how warped the healthcare system of America has become. So disfigured that it claims a medicine without lethal potential and limited addiction risk is a schedule I. I won’t patronize with a definition of Schedule I Drug. Think about it. It’s ludicrous and it shows that science and physician opinions mean nothing to those governing our work.

Are we here to help patients or to serve HMOs?? Let’s get our sights back on target and give the relief these patients deserve.Cannabie is ubiquitous in society and criticism towards it not only weakens patient-physician relationships and trust but also the integrity of a doctor’s prior research before making decisions. The evidence is amounting, the mechanisms are becoming understood and are inline with the clinical benefits seen.

Let your colleagues know about Nature’s Way Medicine right away. Even for the kicks. Word of mouth is all we have and the goal is clear: improved quality of life, freedom to medicate, and streamlined healthcare in general with fewer costs to patients and saved physician autonomy. Right now we are puppets with signatures that encompass our worth. Signatures is all we are. Time to stand up and gain the respect we once had and the freedom from restrictions to care for our patients.

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  • Hi Dr. Roman:

    I have an office just a few blocks from yours. We have tons of requests for pain management at our clinic at 8th and Market in the city of Wilmington. We offer physical rehab, massage, and therapeutic exercise but not medications. I would really like to speak with you about opening the lines of referrals to your office. I am currently using a pain doctor in Newark whom I greatly respect, but there are transportation issues, etc. Give me a call when you have a minute and I can discuss my situation in more detail. Simply put, I need a pain doc who is more convenient for my patients.
    Thanks much Brad Beyer, DC

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