Hear our Heroes (#1)

This is the first of a series of posts about the local community’s heroes that bring talents, diversity, wisdom, and overall positive contributions to our society. If we listen to what they have to say, we can reconsider our own lifestyles and choices by experiencing the incredible contrasts between ourselves and our friends and neighbors. Allow yourself to be placid when assuming a position or opinion and to remain open during your time in the mind of these great Americans.



Today’s first official Hear Our Heroes interview is with a man I can confidently say he has so much to teach me. Few people these days can change my outlook or frame of mind permanently through wisdom and insights the way our guest does today. A Jamaican world-traveled, his music improves quality of life both spiritually and emotionally to listeners of his music for decades. Still topping reggae charts, he is a member of DE NORML, a community spiritual leader and priest, soon to perform nationally to play his music and building by hand a health store featuring secret recipes for drinks that have kept me going (he would deliver them to me out of kindness to my office when I worked too hard to eat) last fall and winter. The store is called Genesis and is on 3rd & Market street in downtown Wilmington.



Interview with Ruddy Crossdale

March 23rd, 2016.


Dr. Roman: You introduced yourself to me as Ruddy which is what I know you as. How would you introduce yourself to the public?

RUDDY: To the public, I would say yes, I am Ruddy but I am of the tribe of Issachar and that I am after the Order of Melchizedek, a priest after the Order of Melchizedek, so my livity is like unto Moses or Aaron, the priest. The first priest in the Bible was Aaron. He was the spokesman for Moses. I would be like unto him in that sense.

Dr. Roman: A spokesman?

RUDDY: For the most high because everything that I say is what the Most high says. The creator of all that is and ever will be, I speak for him, as a son of him. I can’t speak anything else because anything else is not just or ‘upfull’ or right because he speaks just for all humanity. He says ‘until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abolished,  abandoned, everywhere will be war’. That was made into a song, by Bob Marley. But those are the words of the most high. Aahhh! See he too is a son of the living God.

Dr. Roman: If you speak the words of, you know…

RUDDY: My father

Dr. Roman: …Of your father like this, that must be a heavy weight on your shoulders or a responsibility heavy to carry.

RUDDY: If you think of it in that light it will be heavy but it is very light, very light because he is carrying you. So who’s carrying the load? It’s not you. It’s him.

Dr. Roman: Before we go into your current projects, I’d like to ask if you’ve had any memories of falling and rising from a bad situation in your life.

RUDDY: Oh I have several of that. It has caused me to be the person that I am. Things happen to change you from being the person that you are. If you’re good, things will happen in your life to force you to do evil or compel you to do evil because you’re hurting you want to retaliate. But if you stop to think of the Most high, what he says in regard to whatever you’re going to do. Just stop and think of him. What would he want for you to do? Not what you want to do because what you want to do is going to lead you down a road that you’re going to be sorry. You’re going to be saying oh man I wish I could, I would I should have but it’s too late you already did it. But if you stop to think you’d say-he that ‘rendereth’ evil for evil, evil shall not depart from his house. Think about that. If you render evil for evil, evil will stay in your house. Is that what you want? Truly?

Dr. Roman: It sounds like you know me too well.

RUDDY: That is just humanity but this is one thing that the most high says that I hold on to. He says man is made inherently good, not evil; good, but the thoughts of man is evil.

Dr. Roman: Makes no sense.

RUDDY: It makes a lot of sense. There’s two thoughts that come into your mind at all times: One to do good and one to do evil but the dominant voice that stays in your head is the evil. The temptation is not around you, it is in you; your mind. The thoughts that come into you if you control the thoughts in you: think before you talk and talk before you act. Think, talk and Act. That’s a trinity. You get it? If you’re walking in that Trinity, because it’s a balance. You get me? Three legs -a tripod is very hard to throw down. It’s balanced. A pyramid looks like a tripod. You Get it? Totally balanced. But now if you hold on to the good thoughts which is always the smallest or tiniest voice in your mind, it will just come in like the evil thoughts just push it out of your mind. But if you hold on to it and hold on to the good thoughts and say you know something, I’m not even gonna think of evil because if I think of it it’s going to possess me then I’m going to say and act evil. That is not me. So in essence that entity that spirit of error wins. The battle is in you. It’s not out there. It’s in you. So if each person knew that the battle was in them would there be war if a person was thinking: Do I want this for myself? – first thought. Do I want this for myself? Is this what I truly want? Think: Do I want to do evil or do I want to do good?

Dr. Roman: I don’t trust myself to make that judgment.

RUDDY: When you say that one thought comes to mind: God is not in your thought, because if God was in your thought; and when I say God I mean love, love that is God. Love is not puffed up, love edifies, love thinks not of itself it thinks of others first: Love. One love, one heart  let’s get together and feel alright; that’s Bob Marley and he is Joseph feed the people  with music, not with corn, that fed the substance of the flesh but now we’re feeding the spirit, the mind, giving you another thought. That’s why music soothes the savage beast within man.

Dr. Roman: How does marijuana play into this?

RUDDY: Ohthat is now the sacrament. That is a holy herb. That herb is found in the anointing oil that anointed King David, King Solomon, Christ and anointed all the kings that proceeded after him. That same oil I’m talking the kings of Ethiopia. That same oil. When I’m talking about that Kingship that line of Ethiopia I’m talking about the ‘Solomonic’ line and the ‘Solomonic’ line came from David. You get it? David when he was anointed, ‘You have the heart of me,’ said the most high God about David because David’s heart was good, his thoughts were good. One error he made, one- He behold a woman and her name was never  mentioned- Uriah’s wife she was always referred to from then to the end as Uriah’s wife and she’s Solomon’s mother. You get it? But what he did was sin. The prophet came to him and said ‘my king there is a shepherd that has one ewe, one and his neighbor has hundreds and he took the man’s one and slaughtered it. The King got up and said ‘what this man must die!’ ‘My Lord thou art that man’, said Samuel the prophet; the same one that anointed him King. You get it? So David in himself knowing this, He knows this you know; that whatever befalls the king befalls the people; whatever judgment comes on him, the people feel it as well. What did David do? Out of love, he begged the Lord to let the punishment come up on him only. Him only. You get it?

Dr. Roman: I think you lost me. I can’t stop thinking about how you sound like Morgan Freeman with a Jamaican accent.

RUDDY: Maybe because he’s a good guy too because he’s a lover of nature and he’s a lover of humanity.

Dr. Roman: Yes

RUDDY: See the key thing is humanity. Alright. Now where did I lose you because I wanna make sure that you totally understand what I’m saying.

Dr. Roman: Well I wanted to steer things towards your current projects.

RUDDY: For Sure. Well that is forever, the first and foremost of my project because that is the one that causes all the other projects to exist. For example the health food it’s called Genesis. In the beginning, the month of Abib, he created all life, us too. and he caused us to name everything that exists. At one time we knew all of this but the mystery is in that computer hard drive. It’s in there. It’s in there. It’s in you. Your DNA has everything in it but now all you have to do is just flick the switches and to flick the switches you have to know yourself and to know yourself you must know your father. How can you know yourself if you don’t know your father?

[interview temporarily interrupted by passerbyer]

RUDDY: Now what was I saying?

Dr. Roman: We were talking about Genesis.

RUDDY: Oh the story right. Now In the month of Abib- April- not what they call January-that’s not the first month. April is the first moth. Life was created. Life created us from the word, a sound. We are vibrating people. We are energy. We have a frequency that functions off music. It does a lot to the body. It can heal the body, it can cause the body to go into a frenzy, it can cause the body to be aroused. It can make you kill. Music-the ‘pa pa pa paaa pa pa pa paaa’

Dr. Roman: Beethoven’s fifth?

RUDDY: Yes. That’s a music that makes you…that’s murdering music. It might not sound that way to you but it is. You understand? Alright. An example is the food that you eat-it makes your body react whether good or bad. That’s all it is-good or bad, male or female. Now there are foods that you’re supposed to eat and they’re foods that are good for you and they’re food that you’re not supposed to eat but they have an adverse effect on you that people run to eat these foods. They call them aphrodisiacs but they are things that we’re not supposed to eat-there is a reason for it. Now remember, whore-dom is not of us, that’s not how we’re supposed to function because a woman is something to be cherished-It’s a Treasure. It’s a gift from God. A woman is a help mate. A ‘wo-man’ is what they refer to as a woman. You get me? Now in everything there is a balance. This store, I pray, will be the balance for people’s nutritional needs and spiritual growth because food has an essence that they’re alive. When you eat them, you’re eating a part of them. The same thing with this. This plant cannabis cause a person to be more rooted in nature, more calm, not violent this. But the other one is a next one that exists that cause you to do all manner of evil. But this is not just the only one that can calm you. They are many, many but this is just the one that is the closest to the human body that it has all the healing properties that you need in it but now that is why the store is going to be here because I want to bring down all the other herbs that the creator made that have different healing properties, properties that can elevate the spiritual mind of humanity, cause a person to think good because he’s eating good. Believe it or not, food is a serious thing. Put diesel in your engine of your car in the tank when you drive, diesel you putting in it. What happens to your car?

Dr. Roman: I have no idea.

RUDDY: It will kill your engine. That is the food that the car eats. You get it.

Dr. Roman: Don’t buy diesel.

RUDDY: Matter of fact the way they do it now a diesel nozzle will not fit in your car

Dr. Roman: Thank God it’s like a filter for people like me

RUDDY: Because people do it and the gas station gets sued because you put them together it’s a person’s reach.

Dr. Roman: Yeah

RUDDY: Now I will not sell anything that is not good for the human body-mind, spirit and soul because these plants are what the angels taught the daughters of  man-believe it or not-Herbs. Herbs can drive a person mad, Herbs can meet put a person in a coma state that they think the person is dead; herbs can heal a person that is on death’s door-Herbs.

Dr. Roman: Any final thoughts or words of wisdom?

RUDDY: Oh sure– Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you, Not some, not maybe but all things shall be added unto you. That means from your walking good and doing good only good will happen to you. There’s an example of one that was walking good, doing good and was tempted and tested and did not waiver from the goodness in him. His name is Job. That’s a book. I didn’t even realize he was an Issachar until I completely read the Bible and did some research and checking out the different tribes of the disciples and realize that wow he is an Issachar because the region where he was born, because each tribe had an area where they occupied, that is the land of Judah, the land of Issachar, the land of Daniel, the land of Gad. If you go into the bible and it has a map section and you check out the map it will show you the divisions and they all lived side by side. Where he lived is the land of Issachar. You get me? So my deduction is the way he bore the burden of being innocent but being persecuted and executed as if he was a wicked that even his wife said ‘why don’t you curse God and die?’. His friends that knew him for years said ‘what did you do to let God punishing you like this?’ But he did nothing. God didn’t take anything from him. He allowed the spirit of error to come into him and to take over him to the point that his flesh was eating him away. But God returned everything to him tenfold because he did not waiver. You will fall, you will falter. Your human but if you overcome, your stronger than a man that take a city. You get it?


Dr. Roman: Well I think I have a patient waiting so thank you very much and it was an honor.

RUDDY: No problem man. It was a pleasure.



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