Dr. Roman answers a few questions for this C-SPAN Student Interview for Mr. Fitts’ class at Tamamend Middle School. Recorded January 19th, 2018. Transcription below.

Hi, I’m doctor Roman, a medical marijuana doctor, and I’m here to answer some questions for the Tamamend middle school C-span student cam interview.

Do you believe it is worth it to replace most prescribed pills with marijuana?

It is important to discuss any medication changes with your doctor first. Medical marijuana can be an effective alternative to some common medications. However, many medications treat silent conditions like high blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of serious events like heart attacks and strokes. Patients may not know this and that is why speaking with a doctor is so important before making any medication changes.

Do you believe that marijuana is a more effective pain-killer than current pills?

For sudden pain, like when you stub your toe, I recommend first-line OTC medications like Tylenol and ibuprofen to alleviate the inflammation. For long-term chronic pain, however, medical marijuana is more useful than the far more dangerous and deadly pain pills being over-prescribed by many doctors today. Those medications are made from the same stuff used to make heroin. Every day medical marijuana helps prevent overdoses caused by these evil drugs.

What are the health risks associated with marijuana?

The most dangerous risk of marijuana is being caught with it illegally. This would lead to criminal charges that affect your ability to work in the future and pay for medications. The long-term stress caused by this deteriorates the mind and body. Medical marijuana has very few health risks when used legally under the guidance of a doctor.

Does Marijuana have dangerous interactions with any othe medications?

At this time, there are no significant interactions found between medical marijuana and other medications.

What side effects come with taking marijuana?

It’s important to see a medical marijuana doctor like myself because it can cause mental health conditions in some high-risk, users. This is uncommon and treatment with marijuana is otherwise a very safe alternative to traditional medications. Less severe short-term effects include difficulty concentrating, red eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite, short-term memory loss and elevated mood.


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