Stolen Camera

Just when I thought I’d start up the Instagram account, a thief stole my camera. Worse, all lenses with it. For those knowledgable on photography, let’s just say those lenses had red stripes around them. They were able to produce pictures like these from the past few weeks:

Charlo Greene, High Times, DC, inaugural Business Summit
Charlo Greene in DC at the High Times Business Summit (December 16th, 2015).


Up-close macro shot of an antique poppy illustration from an old medical text.


Don’t Trust Anyone (off Craigslist)

Yeah. Heading says it all. Hired a guy to help me around the office for one day and long story short, camera bag gone. Phone calls unanswered.

The good news: camera found.

The bad news: camera now in police custody (a word I’ve grown to despise) until the Craigslister is proven guilty in court. (Ahhh TOO MUCH COURT!!!) NO. I will NOT hire a sixth attorney for this. If it costs me the camera, so be it. I plan on going Nikon all the way if starting afresh anyway.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone I’ve done business with has somehow taken advantage of me and Nature’s Way Medicine in one way or another. Makes me wonder if humans are inherently good or evil…


Videos or Text Posts?

What do you guys prefer, video-blogs or text posts? I’d like to do daily video-blogs instead of typing out text posts but I heard they are less social-media friendly. Less subscribers and readers that way. Not sure how true that is but I would like your thoughts on the matter.

Please share this blog with one friend for the sake of the movement. Like it on Facebook if you’re shy, but break any restraints on supporting a man and a business that supports medical marijuana treatment. Don’t wait for the world to open up to it. Be the trailblazer that this world needs to make it happen.

‘Till next time!



One thought

  • Thank you for letting me know that. You’re right about the weaker search engine optimization with videoblogs but I wasn’t sure if they would attract more viewers and a following that way, cancelling out the less efficient “google-ization.” It takes me more time I think and I will keep doing it but now with your comment I will revert to written posts more often. The videos are more hassle for me as an amateur in media production and I think it’s slowed down posts that could have been written more quickly.

    Thanks for the support!! It keeps me going every day. These kinds of comments and reviews, and any constructive criticisms even so that the practice and I myself can improve and cater to the crusaders of cannabis legalization. Thanks again Josh!!!

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